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German DaggerThe German Dagger was a very popular souvenir for many WW2 veterans who served in the European theater. For the German officers who wore them, they were a symbol of status, rank and power. Contrary to popular belief, WWII German Daggers were not used as weapons, but simply as an accessory to the uniforms of the German Officers (and a very fancy accessory at that). Some of the more common of these German Collectibles are the; German Army Dagger (aka Heer Dagger), Luftwaffe Dagger (aka Air Force Dagger), Navy Dagger (aka Kriegsmarine Dagger), and the Hitler Youth Dagger (aka HJ Dagger). There is also the ever popular Nazi SS Dagger. These daggers can be recognized by the prominent deep black handle and sheath, with a round “SS” button at the top of the handle, just beneath the top cross guard. SS Daggers must be carefully scrutinized due to the extremely high number of very detailed reproductions dating back decades! Often times novice collectors will unknowingly purchase an SS Dagger, only to discover later they purchased a very well made fake!

  • sa-high-leader-dagger-eickhorn-7

SA High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

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Here’s a rare gem, straight from the nephew of the veteran who liberated it during WW2. An early Eickhorn SA High Leader Dagger, which has been lying untouched since the war. We don’t come across these undisturbed pieces often, and even less often in such amazing condition...

  • Gold Government Official Dagger (Eastern People’s Government Dagger)

Gold Government Official’s Dagger (RMBO) by Carl Eickhorn

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This has to be one of the rarest Third Reich daggers around, as well as one of the most desirable, and most beautiful! Few collectors are lucky enough to see one in person, much less have the good fortune to add one to their collection. Sometimes referred to as a “Gold Government Dagger” (or Gold Government Official’s Dagger), the more formal label is the Eastern People’s Government Official’s dagger. This particular one is (frankly) the nicest one I’ve seen in my years of collecting...

  • Numbered SS Dagger with Period Photos & 62 Page Dossier

Numbered SS Dagger with Period Photos & 62 Page Dossier

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Here’s a real nice grouping that we acquired directly from the Grand Nephew of SS-Unterscharführer Karl Beitinger. The grouping includes Karl’s numbered SS dagger with vertical hanger, four original period photos (one showing Karl in his full black SS uniform with the dagger), and a complete leather bound 62 page dossier.

  • Early Chained SS Dagger - Type II

Early Chained SS Dagger – Type II

Price: $6,200.00
These Chained SS Daggers don’t come around in this pure a form very often! Purchased directly from the veteran’s family, this Type II Chained SS Dagger is as good as it gets. Untouched since it was brought home from WW2.

  • heer-german-army-dagger-eickhorn-1

German Heer (Army) Dagger from Eickhorn Solingen

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Here’s a really nice one for you Carl Eickhorn fans! Eickhorn daggers, no matter what type, have always been synonymous with quality, and this one does not disappoint! A 100% matching dagger here! The deep orange grip is so clean and shiny it could be mistaken as being glass...

  • luftwaffe-dagger-unknown-maker-2

Luftwaffe Dagger — Unmarked Blade

Price: $550.00
A very nice unmarked 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger here, with an attractive yellow grip and very nice medium gray scabbard. These daggers are just getting more and more popular seemingly by the day. This particular dagger has a lot going for it, and at a price that can’t be beat.

  • postal-protection-dagger-weyersberg-3

Postschutz Postal Protection Leader Dagger by Paul Weyersberg

Price: $5,200.00
We can’t get enough of these Postal Protection Daggers, also referred to as Postschutz Daggers. This is perhaps the best we’ve seen to date (anywhere) in terms of overall condition, yet priced very reasonably. Starting with the grip, the ebony wood is completely free of cracks and chips. If you’ve studied these daggers you’ll know that these grips were prone to cracking so finding one as stable as this is rare in and of itself! There is notable verdigris where the wood of the grip meets the pommel cap and the guard, so we believe this dagger has never been disassembled, an added plus!...

  • Kriegsmarine (Navy) Dagger by Eickhorn

Kriegsmarine (Navy) Dagger by Eickhorn

Price: $1,150.00
Here we have a stunning example of an Eickhorn Kriegsmarine Navy Dagger with a blade that is absolutely breathtaking and a scabbard that is dent-free; something that is becoming more and more difficult to find with these navy daggers. Since I love the blade so much on this example, we’ll start there. Often times we see these daggers with the fouled anchor etch spattered with oxidation spotting, or loss of the gray toning due to cleaning, polishing or buffing of the blade...

  • Field Upgrade Chained NSKK Dagger by Haenel

Field Upgrade Chained NSKK Dagger by Haenel

Price: $3,450.00
We have here an impressive example NSKK Officer’s Dagger with field upgraded chain assembly with several interesting attributes. Starting with the dagger itself, we see a very well preserved Haenel SA dagger with a bold and crisp motto on the front, and “C. G. Haenel” makers mark on the reverse...

  • Transitional SS Dagger by J.A. Henckels (RZM 15/39 SS)

Transitional SS Dagger by J.A. Henckels (RZM 15/39 SS)

Price: $2,150.00
What a fantastic transitional SS dagger. and by one of the more rare makers to boot, J. A. Henckels (RZM 15/39). We start with the grip, which has magnificent plated guard that have aged very well! We see a lot of these with pitting and plating loss, but not the case here...

  • Partial Ground Röhm SA Dagger by Carl Eickhorn (Early maker mark) with Swastika Die Flaw

Partial Ground Röhm SA Dagger by Carl Eickhorn (early maker mark) with Swastika Die Flaw

Price: $2,200.00
For all of you hard-core SA dagger collectors, here is the dagger you’ve been waiting for! An early Eickhorn marked large double oval partial Röhm SA dagger. These are extremely scarce since early in the production of the Rohm inscribed SA daggers Eickhorn transitioned to the smaller mark that is positioned much closer to the lower guard...

  • Luftwaffe Gravity Knife by SMF Solingen

Luftwaffe Gravity Knife by SMF Solingen

Price: $725.00
Here’s a really nice SMF made Luftwaffe Gravity knife with a blade that can’t be beat! This is an exceptional example with a very nice amount of wear to the wood - not too much, not too little. Collectors like these gravity knives to have at least some use wear to them (not too minty) and this one has just the right amount...

  • Chained NSKK Dagger by Eickhorn 7/66 1939

Chained NSKK Dagger by Eickhorn (7/66 1939) with Nickel Silver Chain & Eagle

Price: $4,850.00
What a rare treat it is to find such a nice Chained NSKK dagger with so many great attributes. This Eickhorn dagger has the earlier 1939 dated blade, nickel chain with the Assman “A” logo stamp, nickel eagle, and the perfect blend of age and beauty in an overall condition that is hard to come by these days...

  • Boker SS Dagger — Partial Rohm with SS-Number

Boker SS Dagger — Partial Rohm with SS-Number

Price on Request
We have here a very nice, original Numbered Partial Rohm Boker SS Dagger, which is attributed to SS Officer, Paul Weyer (information below). The dagger overall is in very nice condition, with no chips on the grip, only your standard dings and light scratches. The nickel cross guards show only normal and expected levels of age and tarnishing...

  • heer-army-dagger-b

Army (Heer) Officer Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

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A very nice WW2 German Dagger, this Heer Officer Dagger bears the Carl Eickhorn Solingen maker mark on the blade. The blade measures 10.25”, and is the traditional stiletto style with flat central ridge. Total length (including the hilt) is approximately 14.5". This dagger has never been cleaned, stored untouched since World War 2, and purchased directly from the daughter of the vet who brought it home. Aside from a hairline crack in the handle, the dagger is virtually without flaw considering it was a used war time piece.

  • eickhorn-ground-rohm-sa-dagger-tmb

Carl Eickhorn Partial Ground Rohm SA Dagger – Personalized

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A very nice "field ground" Rohm SA Dagger by Eickorn. In 1934, Ernst Rohm was executed on Hitler's orders, and all inscriptions on these daggers were ordered removed (ground away) by Hitler. There are several points of the inscription still identifiable on this one due to the crude nature of the “field grinding”...

  • navy-dagger-eickhorn-1

Kriegsmarine Navy Dagger with Hangers — Eickhorn 2nd Model

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This is a rare beauty, with the perfect combination of accessories! Carl Eickhorn 2nd model Kriegsmarine dagger with correct hangers, numbered and matching parts, decorative set-in-place portepee, and composite grip made to resemble ivory! The grip on the beauty is spectacular! Outside of real ivory it’s the next best thing. Very nice two-tone vein lines really make this grip stand out. The grip is completely solid, no wooden core, and no cracks or chips.

  • SS Dagger — Early Eickhorn Ground Rohm with Swastika Die Error

SS Dagger — Early Eickhorn Ground Rohm with Swastika Die Error

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Here’s a real nice one, with a combination of qualities you’ll not find in another SS dagger! An early Eickhorn Ground Rohm SS dagger, in stunning condition, with an uncut Swastika arm on the grip eagle (see photos). The color tones in the grip are beautiful, mixing deep blacks with lighter brown tones (see photos)...

  • hitler-youth-knife-m7-13-schuttlhofer-3

Hitler Youth Knife Dagger — RZM M7/13 Arthur Schuttlhofer

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A very nice early RZM dagger here from Arthur Schuttelhofer (RZM 7/13). This one is nice all around! The grip plates are free of cracks and only minimal use wear (hardly worth noting). There is some plate loss on the hilt, which is typical with these.

  • ss-dagger-full-ground-rohm-tmb

Factory Ground Rohm SS Dagger with Serial Number

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A very nice factory ground full Rohm SS dagger here, with SS mann serial number. The serial number, 15743, is engraved into the lower cross guard. The grip shows quite a lot of scratches and small dings, along with a small quarter inch surface chip where the grip meets the guard, just north of the serial number. There are also a couple of hairline cracks beginning to show in the typical location; roughly center with the top guard...

  • eickhorn-transitional-ss-dagger-tmb

SS Dagger — Eickhorn Transitional Ground Röhm Re-issue

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This is a fairly hard to SS dagger by Eickhorn, an Eickhorn Transitional SS dagger with both the early big Eickhorn double oval mark and the RZM 941/36 mark. The grip has a fair amount of nicks and scratches, as well as a couple small chips, but certainly nothing terribly unusual with these SS daggers The grip eagle is a bit worn and dingy, but nice enough. the guards have a nice patina that matches perfectly to the scabbard fittings as expected.

  • ss-dagger-partial-rohm-tmb

SS Dagger – Partial Ground Röhm By Gottlieb Hammesfahr

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This is a very nice partially ground Ernst Röhm SS dagger by maker Gottlieb Hammesfahr. This dagger has been stored away since the war, only to be uncovered in the vet’s steamer trunk by his son who inherited his father’s military service items.

  • ss-dagger-rzm-7-80-tmb

SS Dagger — RZM M7/80 Gustav C. Spitzer

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A bit salty, but still a very nice mid-period, uncleaned and unmessed with SS dagger by Gustav C. Spitzer. The grip is a nice deep chocolate color with shadows of black around the edges and in the grooves. I really like these deep brown grips. Something about them is just more appealing in my opinion. As with many SS daggers in circulation, there is one small chunk missing at the rear of the grip where it meets the top crossguard, and the start of another chip on the front to the left of the SS roundel...

  • ss-dagger-robert-klaas-tmb

Early SS Dagger — Robert Klaas

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This Robert Klaas SS Dagger may not be in the best of shape, but it still has character, and appears to be uncleaned. The grip has a couple of small chips, the largest being on the side with the nickel eagle, to the right of the SS roundel. It seems like 1 in every 3 SS daggers that make it into my inbox has a chip in the grip so this is becoming more common. There is another, much smaller and shallower chip on the reverse where the grip and upper guard meet...

  • ss-dagger-rzm-120-34-tmb

SS Dagger — RZM 120/34 Unattributed

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This is a real gem, through and through! The RZM 120/34 SS Dagger is one of the more desirable and collectible RZM SS Daggers. Early quality throughout, using solid nickel guards and scabbard fittings, and a very attractive early style grip...

  • ss-dagger-1198-39-tmb

RZM 1198/39 SS Dagger with Hanger

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The blade of this SS Dagger is marked with the RZM 1198/39 manufacturer marking, and has a fair amount of scratches and spotting. I wouldn’t say its been sharpened, but it does look as if someone may have tried steel wool on it at one time, until they realized it would leave marks. They’re not deep scratches by any stretch but visible in the right lighting. Still a great looking blade when comparing to many of the blades I see from day-to-day.

  • ss-dagger-boker-tmb

SS Dagger — Boker

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This is a very nice, uncleaned WW2 Böker SS Dagger, acquired without a grip eagle from the son of the vet who brought it back from the war. Unfortunately, the son did not know why the eagle was removed, but evidence suggests it may have been replaced during war-time, and the replacement simply came loose and fell off. What you see is the result of carefully selecting a replacement eagle from the same period, and of the same metal and color as the original. The fit is very tight, and to the untrained eye, looks as if it is original to the dagger.

  • ss-dagger-eps-tmb

Serialized SS Dagger — E. P. & S. Solingen

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This early WW2 SS Dagger by hard to find maker, E. P. & S. (Ernst Pack & Sohne) is salty but extremely desirable. Acquired directly from the son of the veteran who brought it back from World War II. The grip is a very nice color, showing hints of deep brown and black. Two 1/2” chips can be found on both sides of the grip where it meets the cross guard, as well as a couple minor scratches and hairline cracks...

  • eickhorn-luftwaffe-dagger-c

Luftwaffe Dagger (2nd Pattern)

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Very nice second pattern Luftwaffe Dagger with original sheath by Carl Eickhorn. Eickhorn daggers are always more desirable due to the quality behind the name. This piece is no exception with the traditional heart shaped pommel, and tangerine-orange color grip. Aside from the hairline crazing marks you’ll find on most any period dagger grip, this dagger has retained much of its original detail, and a clean, near perfect blade to match!

  • hitler-youth-dagger-a

Hitler Youth Dagger (HJ) Hike Camp Knife

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A later model World War 2 Hitler Youth dagger (a.k.a. hike/camp knife) with original scabbard in average overall condition. The red and white HJ emblem is in excellent condition, and slightly loose, which is fairly common with these WWII HJ Daggers. On the blade you can see what remains of an RZM marking, with 1941 beneath it barely legible after having been sharpened and used as much as it was. On the blades top edge, you can see several deep gouges, likely from wartime use.

  • kriegsmarine-navy-dagger-wkc-3

WKC Kriegsmarine Navy Dagger – 2nd Model

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This German World War 2 Kriegsmarine Dagger just doesn’t get any better! Purchased directly from the Grandson of the vet who brought it back to the states after World War 2, the condition is exceptional, with no notable chips or cracks to the handle. The pommel is loose, but I believe it could be fixed without compromising the integrity of the dagger. The scabbard is of the hammered (pebbled) style, with a minor dent. The blade has a very nice, dark etched design that is absolutely exquisite.

  • wkc-heer-army-officer-dagger-2

WKC Army (Heer) Dagger with Portepee and Hanger

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A real find, this WKC maker WW2 Army Officer Dagger is all original, and straight from the son of the World War 2 veteran who brought it back. The metal has a very nice patina throughout, with some white residue in the swastika of the eagle that should come clean. On the reverse of the cross guard, the American Vet etched his name into the metal, but is barely noticeable. The grip is perfect, with no notable chips, cracks or crazing. The blade is immaculate, without a single notable flaw. It doesn’t get better than this!

  • carl-wusthof-heer-dagger-3

Carl Wusthof Army (Heer) Officer Dagger — Personalized

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A very nice early version Heer Officer German Dagger from maker Carl Wusthof. This example features the early “slant” grip, more tapered than rounded, with a beautiful orange color and no notable cracks or chips. The blade features the typical Carl Wusthof mark, and has several mild moisture stain spots, but is otherwise shiny and clean. The scabbard shows signs of surface corrosion, but does not detract from the appeal of the piece all together. The officer’s initials personalize the dagger on the reverse of the cross guard, in the very high quality professionally engraved letters “KD” (or possibly “KF”.

  • pumawerk-sa-dagger-1-tmb

SA Dagger — Pumawerk M7/27

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This World War 2 Pumawerk SA Dagger came in a set with another identical dagger directly from the vet’s Niece. Both show very similar wear, and both are from the same period, bearing the same Pumawerk RZM M7/27 mark.

  • pumawerk-sa-dagger-2-tmb

Pumawerk SA Dagger — M7/27

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This WW2 Pumawerk SA Dagger came in a set with another identical dagger directly from the vet’s Niece. Both show very similar wear, and both are from the same period, bearing the same Pumawerk RZM M7/27 mark.

  • alcoso-luftwaffe-dagger-b

Alcoso Luftwaffe Dagger with Hanger

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A very nice Veteran acquired World War II Luftwaffe Dagger by Alcoso. Pommel cap and cross guard are in very nice condition, with only very modest wear. The grip shows only very minor nicks, but no cracks or notable chips and is otherwise solid. The scabbard and ferrule show an honest amount of surface rust, and sadly the scabbard has a decent size dent between the hanger rings. As for the blade, it shows a good deal of discoloration that may simply be dried casmoline. It is completely uncleaned so there is no way to tell without making an attempt at cleaning the blade. The hangers set is in great shape, with average wear to the metal fittings, and no notable stitching or fabric issues.

  • forestry-cutlass-hunting-knife-5

Late 1800s Hunting / Forestry Cutlass

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The overall condition of this late 1800s Forestry Cutlass, or sometimes referred to as simply a German hunting knife, is superb! The stag grip is without flaw, sporting three acorn devices. The hoof design cross guard leads into the clamshell, which shows a very ornately carved design of what I believe is an Elk.

  • fw-holler-sa-dagger-tmb

M7/33 SA Dagger by F. W. Holler

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A truly nice SA Dagger, this late RZM dagger by F.W. Holler (a RARE maker of SA daggers) is near mint! The metal plating is 99%, with only a couple small chips to the top of the pommel nut. There is a line of extremely minor surface pitting where the top guard meets the grip (on both sides), but hardly worth mentioning...

  • red-cross-em-dagger-2

Red Cross EM Hewer with Frog — Ges. Geschutzt

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A very nice Red Cross EM Hewer with leather frog and the "Ges. Geschutzt" patent protection mark on the blade behind the cross guard. One of the nicer ones I’ve come across to date. Completely uncleaned and unmessed with...

  • gustav-wirth-sa-dagger-tmb

SA Dagger by Gustav Wirth

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A nice SA Dagger by a seldom seen maker, Gustav Wirth. The metal plating is 100%, with no notable flaws whatsoever; very clean and strong fittings! The grip is in great shape, with only very minor scratches and dings, hardly worth noting. The SA roundel has some minor discoloration typically found with these, but isolated to the top 25%, and only the very edge. The remainder of the SA dagger's roundel is very crisp and one of the cleanest I've seen. The grip eagle has the very same color and shine as the cross guards, and retains about 95% of its detail...

  • sa-dagger-with-tag-tmb

SA Dagger with RZM Tag by M7/2 Emil Voos

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Absolutely mint, in the full sense of the word. This Emil Voos (RZM M7/2) SA Dagger looks like it just came off the shelf, or out of a very well kept time capsule at very least. Still spoting the original tan RZM tag, which shows no signs whatsoever of decay and only very modest edge wear as seen in the photos (no rips or tears).

  • red-cross-leader-dagger-3

Red Cross Leader Dagger

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These are just really neat daggers in my opinion! Unmarked WWII Red Cross Leader Dagger with pale yellow grip and some minor rust spots on the scabbard and minor corrosion spots on the blade. The handle shows signs of any cracks, chips, staining or otherwise. Very tight. The metal of the cross guard has some very minor spotting on the side opposite the eagle, but the eagle is very clean and retains 100% of its original detail. The pommel nut shows obvious signs of removal and retightening. Some of the threading has been stripped from the process of either removing the nut, or tightening it back up.

  • lungstrass-sa-dagger-tmb

SA Dagger by Peter Lungstrass

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A very nice, early (1933-35) SA Dagger by a seldom encountered maker, Peter Lungstrass. This is a true beauty! Very deep cherry colored grip, with scabbard to match. The wood of the grip is extremely smooth with very few imperfections (you have to look close to find them). The metal fittings are a bit loose, but there are absolutely no signs of the pommel nut ever having been removed so the loose fit is likely due to some minor shrinkage over time, and not from being messed with. The metal of the cross guards are near perfect, with no signs of oxidation or tarnishing at all. The Inspection Stamp “Wm” (Westmark) is clearly visible on the lower cross guard (on the same side as the maker mark)...

  • weltersbach-sa-dagger-tmb

SA Dagger by Wilh. (Wilhelm) Weltersbach

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A very nice early (1933-35) SA Dagger by the seldom seen maker, Wilhelm Weltersbach (Wilh. Weltersbach). The wooden grip is in fine condition, but does have a few noteworthy nicks in one side of the handle, a very faint small dent near the lower cross guard, and a small hairline crack at the upper cross guard (one on each side - about 1/4” in length). The cross guard vertical fit is tight, and the green tarnishing where the metal meets the wood suggests the dagger has not been cleaned or messed with in quite some time...

  • rohm-ss-dagger-herder-tmb

Richard Abr. Herder Partial Ground Röhm SS Dagger with Serial Number

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This WW2 German SS dagger may have seen better days, but its still a rare find with its Partial Rohm inscription AND numbered cross guard. These are two rare elements in and of themselves, seldom encountered together on the same dagger. The scabbard on this one is in overall very nice condition. The anodized scabbard body shows a very rich deep brown tone with only normal use wear and a single ding about 1/3 of the way up from the tip on one side only...

  • ernst-pack-siegfried-heer-dagger-5

Ernst Pack & Sohne Heer Dagger

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This Ernst Pack & Sohne Heer (Army) dress dagger is full of character! This beautiful E. Pack army dagger comes completely uncleaned and un-messed with. The metal has tarnished very nicely, leaving that nice weathered look that we collectors love to see! The grip has some set in dirt, mainly inside the grooves...

  • heer-dagger-unmarked-portepee-4

Rich. A. Herder Heer Dagger (Unmarked) with Portepee

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This is a beautiful unmarked Heer (army) Officer Dagger. Uncleaned and without evidence of ever having been modified, this dagger is a real gem. Nickel plated fittings are almost 100%, with no signs of plate loss, bubbling or peeling. The cross guard is nice and crisp in terms of detail, with the original scabbard buffer seated in place on the underside...

  • paul-weyersberg-heer-dagger-5

Paul Weyersberg & Co Heer Dagger

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This is probably my favorite Heer (army) dagger to date. A stunning Paul Weyersberg army dagger with a gorgeous amber glass grip. The glass grips are hard to find on these, and add a touch of elegance that (in my opinion) even and ivory grip cannot touch...

  • wkc-heer-dagger-5

WKC Heer (Army) Dagger with Yellow Grip

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This nice WKC Heer dagger (knight's helmet) is a typical example, sporting a nice yellow grip and a matte gray finish. The crossguard eagle has retained 100% of its original detail, with a little dirt settling into the grooves and inset areas. The original scabbard buffer pad is still present in a nice red/orange color. They yellow grip has no cracks, chips or flaws of any kind, except the dirt that has settles in the grooves of it as well...

  • nskk-eickhorn-transitional-dagger-1

NSKK Dagger — 1938 Transitional Eickhorn 7/66

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A nice minty 1938 NSKK Eickhorn Transitional RZM 7/66 with very few notable flaws. The scabbard fit is tight, blade virtually flawless (aside from the runner marks). The scabbard shows only a couple very minor scratches. The metal fittings on the scabbard are without dings or dents. Screws show no signs of tampering.