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//German Daggers & Knives

German DaggerThe German Dagger was a very popular souvenir for many WW2 veterans who served in the European theater. For the German officers who wore them, they were a symbol of status, rank and power. Contrary to popular belief, WWII German Daggers were not used as weapons, but simply as an accessory to the uniforms of the German Officers (and a very fancy accessory at that). Some of the more common of these German Collectibles are the; German Army Dagger (aka Heer Dagger), Luftwaffe Dagger (aka Air Force Dagger), Navy Dagger (aka Kriegsmarine Dagger), and the Hitler Youth Dagger (aka HJ Dagger). There is also the ever popular Nazi SS Dagger. These daggers can be recognized by the prominent deep black handle and sheath, with a round “SS” button at the top of the handle, just beneath the top cross guard. SS Daggers must be carefully scrutinized due to the extremely high number of very detailed reproductions dating back decades! Often times novice collectors will unknowingly purchase an SS Dagger, only to discover later they purchased a very well made fake!

  • Gold Government Official Dagger (Eastern People’s Government Dagger)

Gold Government Official’s Dagger (RMBO) by Carl Eickhorn

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This has to be one of the rarest Third Reich daggers around, as well as one of the most desirable, and most beautiful! Few collectors are lucky enough to see one in person, much less have the good fortune to add one to their collection. Sometimes referred to as a “Gold Government Dagger” (or Gold Government Official’s Dagger), the more formal label is the Eastern People’s Government Official’s dagger. This particular one is (frankly) the nicest one I’ve seen in my years of collecting...

  • Numbered SS Dagger with Period Photos & 62 Page Dossier

Numbered SS Dagger with Period Photos & 62 Page Dossier

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Here’s a real nice grouping that we acquired directly from the Grand Nephew of SS-Unterscharführer Karl Beitinger. The grouping includes Karl’s numbered SS dagger with vertical hanger, four original period photos (one showing Karl in his full black SS uniform with the dagger), and a complete leather bound 62 page dossier.

Postschutz Postal Protection Leader Dagger by Paul Weyersberg

Price: $5,200.00
We can’t get enough of these Postal Protection Daggers, also referred to as Postschutz Daggers. This is perhaps the best we’ve seen to date (anywhere) in terms of overall condition, yet priced very reasonably. Starting with the grip, the ebony wood is completely free of cracks and chips. If you’ve studied these daggers you’ll know that these grips were prone to cracking so finding one as stable as this is rare in and of itself! There is notable verdigris where the wood of the grip meets the pommel cap and the guard, so we believe this dagger has never been disassembled, an added plus!...

Field Upgrade Chained NSKK Dagger by Haenel

Price: $3,450.00
We have here an impressive example NSKK Officer’s Dagger with field upgraded chain assembly with several interesting attributes. Starting with the dagger itself, we see a very well preserved Haenel SA dagger with a bold and crisp motto on the front, and “C. G. Haenel” makers mark on the reverse...

  • 2nd Model RLB Leader Dagger by Alcoso ACS

2nd Model RLB Leader Dagger by Alcoso ACS

Price: $1,850.00
We have here a nice, untouched, uncleaned yet well aged RLB Leader Dagger with original leather by Alcoso (ACS), which is not an often seen maker of this dagger. The grip is wrapped in the dagger’s original blue leather with several minor wear points that any RLB dagger expects to see. These daggers (for whatever reason) simply never age well.

  • Early SS Dagger by Robert Klaas

Early SS Dagger by Robert Klaas

Price: $3,650.00
We do love these Robert Klaas SS Daggers! Their maker’s mark of the two kissing cranes has become synonymous with SS Daggers, and is an extremely popular maker with collectors. Overall this SS Dagger is about as good as it gets when considering it has been in a veteran’s footlocker since the end of the war, and not messed with since!

  • Ground Rohm SS Dagger by E.P.&S. Solingen (Ernst Pack & Sohne)

Ground Rohm SS Dagger by E.P.&S. Solingen

Price: $2,650.00
Here’s a nice Early SS Dagger from maker E.P.&S. She’s a bit salty, but still a great dagger for the price! The grip is without any cracks or chips and shows almost no dings or dents, which is rare for an early SS dagger. The SS roundel is almost 100%, with only a very small piece of the black enamel missing, which we only noticed after viewing under magnification.

  • SS Dagger — 7/37 RZM 1051/39 SS (Robert Klaas)

SS Dagger from Robert Klaas – 7/37 RZM 1051/39 SS

Price: $3,850.00
This is about as good as it gets when it comes to these late-war RZM SS daggers! A real nice one here from Robert Klaas (7/37 RZM 1051/39). The grip is near perfect as far as these daggers go, with only very modest dings and use wear.

  • DLV Dagger Flyers Knife by Paul Weyersberg

DLV Dagger Flyers Knife by Paul Weyersberg

Price: $950.00
These DLV Flyers Knives are becoming harder and harder to come by, and even more so with the original blue leather still in tact. We have here a DLV dagger from maker Paul Weyersberg Solingen. The grip has 100% of the original leather wrap still securely in place, with a few nicks from use, but no splits along the seam like we usually see with these.

  • NSKK Transitional Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

NSKK Transitional Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

Price: $1,100.00
Here’s a minty, rarely seen, and very desirable Eickhorn Transitional NSKK dagger with the traditional Eickhorn maker’s mark below the RZM 7/66 1938 mark. The grip on the gorgeous dagger is a deep brown with only very minor wear marks and no cracks or chips.

  • Early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger with Flight Marks by F&A Helbig

Early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger with Flight Marks by F&A Helbig

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These have always been one of my favorite dagger types, the First Model Luftwaffe daggers with the early solid nickel fittings that turn a deep dark tone from age. Absolutely stunning! This particular example has it all! An average amount of use wear to the grip leather, with the expected tones of reddish brown where the deep blue leather has given way to the years of wear.

  • HJ Hitler Youth knife M7/85 Arthur Evertz

HJ Hitler Youth knife by M7/85 (Arthur Evertz)

Price: $775.00
Here’s a good clean WWII Hitler Youth knife by very hard to find maker Arthur Evertz (RZM M7/85). The knife and scabbard show average signs of wear from use and time. The scabbard retains 90% + of the paint on the back and approximately 70% on the front. The leather strap is worn in the center by the rivet. It is weak in that area and caution should be used when handling this.

  • National Hunting Association Cutlass with Original Frog and Hanger by WKC

National Hunting Association Cutlass with Original Frog and Hanger by WKC

Price: $2,850.00
These don’t come around too often, and certainly not in this amazing condition and with these accessories! A National Hunting Association Cutlass by WKC with the original frog and original matching leather belt hanger. Everything about this hunting knife will take your breath away! From the lack of age wear to the unbelievable detail in the blade engraving, if this cutlass doesn’t make your heart skip a beat nothing will.

  • Boker SS Dagger — Partial Rohm with SS-Number

Boker SS Dagger — Partial Rohm with SS-Number

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We have here a very nice, original Numbered Partial Rohm Boker SS Dagger, which is attributed to SS Officer, Paul Weyer (information below). The dagger overall is in very nice condition, with no chips on the grip, only your standard dings and light scratches. The nickel cross guards show only normal and expected levels of age and tarnishing...

Army (Heer) Officer Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

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A very nice WW2 German Dagger, this Heer Officer Dagger bears the Carl Eickhorn Solingen maker mark on the blade. The blade measures 10.25”, and is the traditional stiletto style with flat central ridge. Total length (including the hilt) is approximately 14.5". This dagger has never been cleaned, stored untouched since World War 2, and purchased directly from the daughter of the vet who brought it home. Aside from a hairline crack in the handle, the dagger is virtually without flaw considering it was a used war time piece.

Carl Eickhorn Partial Ground Rohm SA Dagger – Personalized

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A very nice "field ground" Rohm SA Dagger by Eickorn. In 1934, Ernst Rohm was executed on Hitler's orders, and all inscriptions on these daggers were ordered removed (ground away) by Hitler. There are several points of the inscription still identifiable on this one due to the crude nature of the “field grinding”...

Kriegsmarine Navy Dagger with Hangers — Eickhorn 2nd Model

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This is a rare beauty, with the perfect combination of accessories! Carl Eickhorn 2nd model Kriegsmarine dagger with correct hangers, numbered and matching parts, decorative set-in-place portepee, and composite grip made to resemble ivory! The grip on the beauty is spectacular! Outside of real ivory it’s the next best thing. Very nice two-tone vein lines really make this grip stand out. The grip is completely solid, no wooden core, and no cracks or chips.

  • SS Dagger — Early Eickhorn Ground Rohm with Swastika Die Error

SS Dagger — Early Eickhorn Ground Rohm with Swastika Die Error

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Here’s a real nice one, with a combination of qualities you’ll not find in another SS dagger! An early Eickhorn Ground Rohm SS dagger, in stunning condition, with an uncut Swastika arm on the grip eagle (see photos). The color tones in the grip are beautiful, mixing deep blacks with lighter brown tones (see photos)...

SA High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

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Here’s a rare gem, straight from the nephew of the veteran who liberated it during WW2. An early Eickhorn SA High Leader Dagger, which has been lying untouched since the war. We don’t come across these undisturbed pieces often, and even less often in such amazing condition...

Hitler Youth Knife Dagger — RZM M7/13 Arthur Schuttlhofer

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A very nice early RZM dagger here from Arthur Schuttelhofer (RZM 7/13). This one is nice all around! The grip plates are free of cracks and only minimal use wear (hardly worth noting). There is some plate loss on the hilt, which is typical with these.