NSKK Daggers

NSKK DaggersMembers of the NSKK (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps or National Socialist Motor Corps), which existed from 1931-1945, had the enviable task of learning to drive and maintain high performance autos and motorcycles. While the core objective of the NSKK was educational (teaching automotive maintenance and driving skills) the NSKK was nonetheless a paramilitary group and as such its members wore uniforms appropriate to that designation. The standard NSKK dagger was initially identical to the SA dagger worn by members of the Nazi SA (Sturmabteilung). This remained so until 1936 when all NSKK daggers were changed to include a black scabbard instead of brown. Another change that came about in 1936 was the issuance of the NSKK chained dagger to officers and other members who had joined the NSKK prior to the beginning of 1933. Produced until 1942, these daggers were very similar to the standard NSKK daggers with the difference being the addition of a chain fashioned from linked square plates. Each plate contained one of three symbols – the NSKK symbol, the Nazi swastika, and a triangular rune symbolizing the power of the Nordic god Thor. Another variation on the NSKK dagger was the marine dagger. The NSKK marine dagger was identical to the standard NSKK dagger with the exception of gilded scabbard and cross guard fittings. High leaders in the NSKK also had their own style of dagger. Like their counterpart, the chained dagger, the NSKK high leader dagger also has the chained scabbard, however the “Alles Für Deutschland” motto engraved on the blade is in raised letters and flanked by oak leaf and acorn sprigs.

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