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German SS DaggersThe German SS Dagger was a standard accessory issued to all members of the elite and greatly-feared SS which functioned as Hitler’s personal bodyguard unit. The design of the SS daggers is quite striking and incorporates several examples of Nazi symbolism. Their design was based in part upon the German SA Daggers. Some of the prominent design features of all SS daggers include the distinctive SS symbol located at the top of the knife grip, the Nazi eagle holding a wreath containing the Nazi swastika in its talons, and the ebony wood grip which was typically dyed black (in later years oak was often used in place of ebony). The blade of an SS knife also was inscribed in the center with the SS motto “Meine Ehre Heist Treue” (My Honour is Loyalty). This motto was written in Gothic script. Due to the popularity of the SS Nazi dagger with WWII collectors many reproductions or fakes were produced. These were typically quite detailed and it takes a trained eye to distinguish between a well-made reproduction and an authentic Nazi SS dagger.

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