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German Luftwaffe DaggersThe German Luftwaffe Dagger was a standard accessory for officers and certain high-ranking NCOs of the elite Luftwaffe (German Air Force). The Luftwaffe knife shares many characteristics with its cousin the German Army dagger. Some of the most prominent features of the German Luftwaffe dagger include a decorative Nazi eagle carrying a swastika in its talons on the knife’s cross guard, a ornately decorated pommel with a prominent swastika at the center, and knife grips that were offered in 3 colors (orange, yellow or white) and featured a carved groove accented with silver wire (brass and aluminum on some versions). Authorized members of the Luftwaffe could also choose a Luftwaffe knife with more stylish grips that were fashioned from amber glass or solid ivory. The Luftwaffe dagger’s scabbard was constructed from steel and was available with silver or nickel finishes. Near the tip you’ll find a section containing decorative oak leaves rising upward from the tip. The blade of the German Luftwaffe dagger also shared a common trait with the German army dagger in that it too was not engraved with a Nazi motto written in Gothic script such as you would find on a more elite SA dagger or SS dagger.

  • Early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger with Flight Marks by F&A Helbig

Early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger with Flight Marks by F&A Helbig

Price: $1,650.00
These have always been one of my favorite dagger types, the First Model Luftwaffe daggers with the early solid nickel fittings that turn a deep dark tone from age. Absolutely stunning! This particular example has it all! An average amount of use wear to the grip leather, with the expected tones of reddish brown where the deep blue leather has given way to the years of wear.

  • eickhorn-luftwaffe-dagger-c

Luftwaffe Dagger (2nd Pattern)

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Very nice second pattern Luftwaffe Dagger with original sheath by Carl Eickhorn. Eickhorn daggers are always more desirable due to the quality behind the name. This piece is no exception with the traditional heart shaped pommel, and tangerine-orange color grip. Aside from the hairline crazing marks you’ll find on most any period dagger grip, this dagger has retained much of its original detail, and a clean, near perfect blade to match!

  • alcoso-luftwaffe-dagger-b

Alcoso Luftwaffe Dagger with Hanger

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A very nice Veteran acquired World War II Luftwaffe Dagger by Alcoso. Pommel cap and cross guard are in very nice condition, with only very modest wear. The grip shows only very minor nicks, but no cracks or notable chips and is otherwise solid. The scabbard and ferrule show an honest amount of surface rust, and sadly the scabbard has a decent size dent between the hanger rings. As for the blade, it shows a good deal of discoloration that may simply be dried casmoline. It is completely uncleaned so there is no way to tell without making an attempt at cleaning the blade. The hangers set is in great shape, with average wear to the metal fittings, and no notable stitching or fabric issues.

  • e-f-horster-solingen-luftwaffe-dagger-5

Luftwaffe Dagger by E & F Horster

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This is an attractive E & F Horster second model Luftwaffe dagger with the desirable yellow/orange grip. The condition overall is excellent, showing only modest wear. The deep gray scabbard is without rust or oxidation, but is missing one of the throat screws. The scabbard fit is not as tight as we’re used to with these, but still fits firmly over the blade once attached.

  • krebs-solingen-luftwaffe-dagger-5

2nd Luftwaffe Dagger by Pet. Dan Krebs Solingen

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This is a nice looking second model Luftwaffe Dagger by maker Pet. Dan Krebs. This is one of my personal favorite Luftwaffe dagger makers; I like their logo and their Luftwaffe daggers are quality. The scabbard is a nice deep gray in tone with no notable oxidation or rust. Both throat screws are present and detail throughout the scabbard is virtually untouched, save a few minor scratches...

  • fw-holler-solingen-luftwaffe-dagger-5

2nd Luftwaffe Dagger by F.W. Holler Solingen

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An overall nice dagger from F.W. Holler, with a nice heavy-core ivory colored grip and deep-embossed lower crossguard. The ivory colored grip has some age staining, as well as what appear to be scuff marks. We do not clean our daggers so attempted removal is up to the buyer. There are no notable surface cracks, and the wire wrap is nice and tight...

  • alcoso-acs-solingen-luftwaffe-dagger-5

2nd Luftwaffe Dagger by Alcoso ACS Solingen

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Second model Alcoso Luftwaffe dagger with the desirable orange grip and immaculate blade! Overall this dagger is in excellent condition, save some scuff marks on the grip and surface rust on the scabbard. The scabbard is a deep gray in tone, with silver colored hanger ring bands. The scabbard does have some surface rust (covering about 10 - 15% of the surface), but is not severe. The silver-colored hanger ring bands have more than the average amount of wear that we’re used to seeing...

  • luftwaffe-dagger-gebr-heller-marienthal-first-model-1

Early Luftwaffe Dagger (1st model) — Gebr. Heller Marienthal

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This early first model Luftwaffe Dagger is a real gem. A collector favorite, these early Luftwaffe Daggers are hefty pieces due to the solid nickel fittings throughout. Many collectors (myself included) also like the way these nickel fittings patina over the years, and this one shows a nice even patina that just adds a ton of character to the piece.

  • luftwaffe-dagger-e-f-horster-first-model-3

Luftwaffe Dagger (1st model) — E & F Horster

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This first model Luftwaffe dagger by E. & F. Hoster is in overall very nice condition. The hilt fittings show average use wear, including some minor scratches but nothing out of the ordinary. The pommel and crossguard sunwheel swastikas all have 99 - 100% of the original gilt. The deep blue grip leather is 98% overall, with some use wear as seen in the photos. This is also typical. The aluminum grip wire is 100%...

  • luftwaffe-dagger-unmarked-4

2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger — Unmarked

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This is a wonderful second model unmarked Luftwaffe dagger in overall excellent condition. The ivory colored grip is both visually and cosmetically in very fine condition aside from a few minor areas of discoloration from age. The braided wire is 100%, and fits just a tad loosely in the grooves...

  • wkc-luftwaffe-dagger-1

Luftwaffe Dagger — WKC Solingen

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The grip on this dagger is seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot!). It is a true ivory color with only a couple of minor scuffs. It has the braided aluminum wire wrap and it is gorgeous! The pommel cap shows virtually no wear and the gold gilt is still over 50% on each swastika...

  • luftwaffe-dagger-puma-solingen-1

Luftwaffe Dagger — Puma Solingen

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A very attractive Puma Luftwaffe dagger here! Take a good look at the pictures to see for yourself. The scabbard is an eye catching deep gray tone. This coloring matches the coloring of the grip fittings, as you can see. There is some minor oxidation spotting throughout the scabbard, but nothing to be concerned about, very typical with these...

  • luftwaffe-dagger-e-f-horster-solingen-1

Luftwaffe Dagger — E & F Horster Solingen

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Here we have a very well preserved, and highly sought after Luftwaffe dagger, by maker E&F Horster, Solingen. We love these ivory colored grips with the silvery toned braided aluminum wiring. Such an elegant look! Aside from age discoloration on one side of the grip, which we sometimes see with daggers that have been stored untouched for decades, there is a very small hairline crack (about 1/4 inch) at the top of the grip close to the pommel cap...

  • luftwaffe-dagger-unmarked-1a

Luftwaffe Dagger — Unmarked Blade

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Here’s a nice, uncleaned, unmessed with and unmarked 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger for the collector who likes to see the dirt on their dagger so they know it’s untouched. Starting with the grip fittings, both the pommel cap and the cross guard still have around 98% or more of their factory detail, with only the normal use wear we expect to see, with no notable dings or dents to either...

  • Luftwaffe Dagger (Unmarked)

Luftwaffe Dagger — Unmarked Blade

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A very nice unmarked 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger here, with an attractive yellow grip and very nice medium gray scabbard. These daggers are just getting more and more popular seemingly by the day. This particular dagger has a lot going for it, and at a price that can’t be beat.

  • luftwaffe-dagger-paul-weyersberg-2

Luftwaffe Dagger — Paul Weyersberg

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Ok folks, here’s one that’s not going to last long, especially at this price! An extremely nice Paul Weyersberg Luftwaffe dagger with an absolutely gorgeous blade! This is a real screamer! From the top down… the aluminum pommel cap shows expected, but minimal wear with only a couple of minor impact dings, and a very nice fit to the grip. The deep orange (and highly desirable) grip has a very even tone throughout, and is wrapped with braided aluminum wire that has turned a nice deep patina from age...

  • Luftwaffe Gravity Knife by SMF Solingen

Luftwaffe Gravity Knife by SMF Solingen

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Here’s a really nice SMF made Luftwaffe Gravity knife with a blade that can’t be beat! This is an exceptional example with a very nice amount of wear to the wood - not too much, not too little. Collectors like these gravity knives to have at least some use wear to them (not too minty) and this one has just the right amount...

  • Unmarked Luftwaffe Dagger with Orange Grip

Unmarked Luftwaffe Dagger with Orange Grip

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Here’s a nice, yet budget priced unmarked Luftwaffe dagger with the popular orange grip color, uncleaned and ready for a permanent home in your collection! The grip has that nice deep orange tone with a faded strip of lighter tone on one side from sun exposure. We see this quite often with these darker grips so most collectors expect it...