Luftwaffe Daggers

German Luftwaffe DaggersThe German Luftwaffe Dagger was a standard accessory for officers and certain high-ranking NCOs of the elite Luftwaffe (German Air Force). The Luftwaffe knife shares many characteristics with its cousin the German Army dagger. Some of the most prominent features of the German Luftwaffe dagger include a decorative Nazi eagle carrying a swastika in its talons on the knife’s cross guard, a ornately decorated pommel with a prominent swastika at the center, and knife grips that were offered in 3 colors (orange, yellow or white) and featured a carved groove accented with silver wire (brass and aluminum on some versions). Authorized members of the Luftwaffe could also choose a Luftwaffe knife with more stylish grips that were fashioned from amber glass or solid ivory. The Luftwaffe dagger’s scabbard was constructed from steel and was available with silver or nickel finishes. Near the tip you’ll find a section containing decorative oak leaves rising upward from the tip. The blade of the German Luftwaffe dagger also shared a common trait with the German army dagger in that it too was not engraved with a Nazi motto written in Gothic script such as you would find on a more elite SA dagger or SS dagger.

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