German Army Daggers

German Army DaggersA Nazi Dagger was a standard dress accessory available to officers of the German Army (Heer). Like SA daggers and SS daggers the German army knife was designed for use as a decorative uniform accessory. They featured numerous design features that left no doubt that they were a German Nazi knife. Examples of these include a cross guard decorated with the ubiquitous Nazi eagle with spread wings and carrying a wreath that contains a prominent Nazi swastika, and a pommel that featured a decorative ring of oak leaves that rise from the grip to the top of the pommel. Also in contrast to the SS and SA daggers the blade of the Nazi dagger was plain and not engraved with one of the Nazi mottos. The style and construction of the German army dagger’s scabbard varied over the years of production with early versions fashioned from brass and later versions constructed from steel. The German army knife’s grip featured a carved groove and the grips were available in white, orange or yellow. Additionally German army officers had the option of choosing a knife with grips fashioned from materials such as solid ivory or a heavy amber glass.

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