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German Army DaggersA Nazi Dagger was a standard dress accessory available to officers of the German Army (Heer). Like SA daggers and SS daggers the German army knife was designed for use as a decorative uniform accessory. They featured numerous design features that left no doubt that they were a German Nazi knife. Examples of these include a cross guard decorated with the ubiquitous Nazi eagle with spread wings and carrying a wreath that contains a prominent Nazi swastika, and a pommel that featured a decorative ring of oak leaves that rise from the grip to the top of the pommel. Also in contrast to the SS and SA daggers the blade of the Nazi dagger was plain and not engraved with one of the Nazi mottos. The style and construction of the German army dagger’s scabbard varied over the years of production with early versions fashioned from brass and later versions constructed from steel. The German army knife’s grip featured a carved groove and the grips were available in white, orange or yellow. Additionally German army officers had the option of choosing a knife with grips fashioned from materials such as solid ivory or a heavy amber glass.

Army (Heer) Officer Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

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A very nice WW2 German Dagger, this Heer Officer Dagger bears the Carl Eickhorn Solingen maker mark on the blade. The blade measures 10.25”, and is the traditional stiletto style with flat central ridge. Total length (including the hilt) is approximately 14.5". This dagger has never been cleaned, stored untouched since World War 2, and purchased directly from the daughter of the vet who brought it home. Aside from a hairline crack in the handle, the dagger is virtually without flaw considering it was a used war time piece.

Heer Army Dagger from WKC Solingen with Tomahawk Style Eagle

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Here is one of the nicest all around WKC Heer Army Daggers we’ve seen in a while, and with a not too often seen grip color, and very collectible “tomahawk” style cross guard as well! The light yellow, almost cream colored grip is stunning, and virtually without flaw...

German Heer (Army) Dagger from Eickhorn Solingen

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Here’s a really nice one for you Carl Eickhorn fans! Eickhorn daggers, no matter what type, have always been synonymous with quality, and this one does not disappoint! A 100% matching dagger here! The deep orange grip is so clean and shiny it could be mistaken as being glass...

German Army Dagger from F. W. Holler Solingen

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We don’t see these F. W. Holler Heer Daggers pop up too often, but we love it when they do. Like the Eickhorn firm, Holler knows how to produce a quality dagger, and this 100% all matching, original example is no exception. The medium orange grip is a real eye catcher, with its defined ribs and almost perfect transition into the ferrule ring...

Ernst Pack & Sohne Heer Dagger

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This Ernst Pack & Sohne Heer (Army) dress dagger is full of character! This beautiful E. Pack army dagger comes completely uncleaned and un-messed with. The metal has tarnished very nicely, leaving that nice weathered look that we collectors love to see! The grip has some set in dirt, mainly inside the grooves...

German Army Dagger from Eickhorn with Unique Grip Rib Pattern

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We can’t get enough of these nice Eickhorn German Army Daggers. Here is an exceptional example of an all matching, completely untouched and uncleaned, Eickhorn dagger with a ton of appeal! Starting with the handle area we see a nice yellow celluloid grip, which is an unusual color for an Eickhorn...

Rich. A. Herder Heer Dagger (Unmarked) with Portepee

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This is a beautiful unmarked Heer (army) Officer Dagger. Uncleaned and without evidence of ever having been modified, this dagger is a real gem. Nickel plated fittings are almost 100%, with no signs of plate loss, bubbling or peeling. The cross guard is nice and crisp in terms of detail, with the original scabbard buffer seated in place on the underside...

WKC Heer Army Dagger with Deep Amber Grip

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Here’s a real nice, all matching WKC Army Dagger with the “Tomahawk” style guard. This example is in overall excellent condition, but has been priced to sell based solely on the blade flaws. The grip is absolutely stunning in appearance, condition and color...

Paul Weyersberg & Co Heer Dagger

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This is probably my favorite Heer (army) dagger to date. A stunning Paul Weyersberg army dagger with a gorgeous amber glass grip. The glass grips are hard to find on these, and add a touch of elegance that (in my opinion) even and ivory grip cannot touch...

WKC Heer (Army) Dagger with Yellow Grip

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This nice WKC Heer dagger (knight's helmet) is a typical example, sporting a nice yellow grip and a matte gray finish. The crossguard eagle has retained 100% of its original detail, with a little dirt settling into the grooves and inset areas. The original scabbard buffer pad is still present in a nice red/orange color. They yellow grip has no cracks, chips or flaws of any kind, except the dirt that has settles in the grooves of it as well...

Heer (Army) Dagger — Carl Eickhorn Solingen

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Here’s a nice, affordable Eickhorn Heer Dagger. Not the nicest one on the shelf, but certainly a fantastic display piece on a budget. The grip has some fading on one side (one side is lighter in tone than the other), but is otherwise free of chips and cracks. The guard and pommel cap are in great condition, with a nice patina to the silver finish...

Heer (Army) Dagger — Carl Eickhorn, Personalized

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We love these personalized pieces! This Carl Eickhorn heer (army) dagger is a real beauty throughout, save a few cosmetic issues with the blade. The grip is simply amazing. Aside from some white residue (dirt) in the recesses, there is barely a scratch or ding to mention, and only one very slight (almost missed it) hairline crack at the ferrule ring - only about 1/16th inch in length...

Heer (Army) Dagger — Early Carl Eickhorn

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Beautiful silvered patina coloring on this early Carl Eickhorn army dagger! Both the scabbard and fittings showcase a uniform deep, elegant bluing, with 98% of the original plating still in place. The pommel cap and cross guard are in almost perfect condition, with only normal use wear to the pommel cap...

  • Heer Dagger by Alcoso (horizontal mark)

Heer Dagger by Alcoso (horizontal mark)

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Heer daggers have become a staple in any WW2 German dagger collection, and whether you’re just staring out or are looking to upgrade, this may be the German Army dagger for you!

WKC Army (Heer) Dagger with Portepee and Hanger

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A real find, this WKC maker WW2 Army Officer Dagger is all original, and straight from the son of the World War 2 veteran who brought it back. The metal has a very nice patina throughout, with some white residue in the swastika of the eagle that should come clean. On the reverse of the cross guard, the American Vet etched his name into the metal, but is barely noticeable. The grip is perfect, with no notable chips, cracks or crazing. The blade is immaculate, without a single notable flaw. It doesn’t get better than this!

Unmarked Holler German Army Dagger with Portepee & Scarce Eagle Pattern

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We have here a highly desirable, uncleaned and untouched, Holler army dagger (unmarked) with original portepee and scarce 4th (and final) pattern Holler crossguard eagle design. One look at the photos and you can see that this example has remained untouched since the war, with that uncleaned look we all desire as collectors.

Heer (Army) Dagger — Tiger Solingen

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Here’s one for the budget collector. Not a perfect example, but priced to sell, this uncleaned Tiger Heer Dagger will make a budget conscious collector a very nice display piece. The grip is an eligent mid-tone orange, with an even deeper tone to the inset ridges. There are a couple of chips and hairline cracks, but the grip is in one piece...

Carl Wusthof Army (Heer) Officer Dagger — Personalized

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A very nice early version Heer Officer German Dagger from maker Carl Wusthof. This example features the early “slant” grip, more tapered than rounded, with a beautiful orange color and no notable cracks or chips. The blade features the typical Carl Wusthof mark, and has several mild moisture stain spots, but is otherwise shiny and clean. The scabbard shows signs of surface corrosion, but does not detract from the appeal of the piece all together. The officer’s initials personalize the dagger on the reverse of the cross guard, in the very high quality professionally engraved letters “KD” (or possibly “KF”.

  • Heer (Army) Dagger — Alcoso with Scarce Hi-lift Guard

Heer (Army) Dagger by Alcoso with Scarce Hi-lift Guard

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These don’t come around too often, and when they do they don’t last. An Alcoso “high-lift” dagger. The cream-colored grip is free of cracks and chips. The interior of the grip is blaster based, with the celluloid surface formed around the plaster. Very unique to this type of dagger.

  • Minty Untouched Army Dagger by WKC Solingen

Minty Untouched Army Dagger by WKC Solingen

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It doesn’t get much better than this uncleaned WKC Heer Dagger when it comes to German Army daggers of the Third Reich era. Straight from the footlocker of the veteran who returned it from the war (a D-day veteran of the 29th Infantry Division).