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This is probably my favorite Heer (army) dagger to date. A stunning Paul Weyersberg army dagger with a gorgeous amber glass grip. The glass grips are hard to find on these, and add a touch of elegance that (in my opinion) even and ivory grip cannot touch…

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This is probably my favorite Heer (army) dagger to date. A stunning Paul Weyersberg army dagger with a gorgeous amber grip. You have to look closely to realize it’s not glass; very elegant. The Weyersberg firm did not produce many Heer daggers, so this is a hard to find, pristine example!

The crossguard, pommel cap, and scabbard patina match perfectly, and to an absolutely beautiful deep gray, slightly bronze color. The detail on the crossguard eagle is 100%, with the breast feathers and wreath leaves very crisp and detailed. The pommel cap shows the standard minor nicks to the peak rim, but is otherwise stellar.

The blade is mirror-like in clarity, with only some very minor hairline scratches you typically see on these blades from being taken in and out of the scabbard, and general handling. The most notable flaw with the blade is the slight bend about 1 inch up from the tip (see photo). This is certainly something that can be undone by someone with edged weapon experience. There is no sign of blunt trauma to the blade tip that would imply the bend occurred as a result of dropping the dagger.

2 reviews for Paul Weyersberg & Co Heer Dagger

  1. Darren

    Hi Chris.

    Yes, we’re always interested in purchasing WW2 items, and we especially like daggers. Click the Free Appraisal banner at the top of the page and send me a few photos showing both sides of your dagger and scabbard.


  2. miguel

    The dagger I have is exactly the same as this one, the only difference between the two is that mine does not have that marking on the blade, or anything at all. Its blank. Does that effect the price in anyway? Also the blade scabbard, eagle, and top piece looks like silver.

  3. Chris

    Hey There,

    I have an ww2 officer dagger complete with buckle and the “tassle” type thing…(sorry I don’t know what it’s called)… that I’m looking to sell.

    Just wondering if you’d be interested.


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