SS Dagger – Early RZM 188/35 with Solid Nickel Fittings


Here’s a nice, and seldom seen early RZM SS Dagger with all solid nickel fittings (a rare thing to see on an RZM).

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Here’s a nice, and seldom seen early RZM SS Dagger with all solid nickel fittings (a rare thing to see on an RZM).

Starting at the top, the wood grip is a nice dark tone that resembles a typical early style dagger (correct for this specific dagger), versus that deep dark black of a later period RZM. There are a few normal very minor dings and scratches from use that we see on almost all dagger, but nothing that stands out as noteworthy. The fit of the wood to the guards is smooth and correct. Viewed under magnification the eagle still retains easily over 95% of it’s factory detail (hardly any wear whatsoever). The SS roundel is absolutely stunning, with no loss to the enamel at all, and the expected slight green patina around the edges that we like to see as proof the roundel is original to the dagger and never cleaned. The solid nickel guards show only modest wear and a nice patina to match the eagle and scabbard fittings. There are no gnarl marks around the pommel nut to indicate that it was ever disassembled, which is another things we like to see. Too often we see markings from pliers where an owner has forced open the dagger handle to get a look at the insides of the pieces. Experienced collectors don’t need to do this; the visible parts speak for themselves with this one.

The blade condition is extremely nice! The lighting in the photos amplifies the few imperfections significantly more than normal lighting does. There is some minor spotting around the motto and in random areas of the blade, as well as the normal scabbard lines. Rarely these days we do not see a dagger without significant oxidation spotting, corrosion and even rusting on the blade so it is a welcome treat to see one in such great condition as this. The tone of the motto on this one is correct, with almost no darkening. The RZM 188/35 maker’s mark on the reverse shows the same tone.

The anodized scabbard has a ton of character. There is quite a bit of wear and scratching to the surface, mingled into the original black tone, but not in a negative way. Many collectors these days like to see use, and this one does not disappoint. The solid nickel fittings correctly match the patina of the handle guards and eagle, with a condition to match as well. There are some very slight dings to one side of the tip fitting and a partially dinged tip ball.

The desirability and attractiveness of this dagger cannot be understated. This may be an RZM dagger, but it is so by maker mark only. Everything about this dagger is early period and will display extremely well in any collection.


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