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WWII German CollectiblesWWII German Third Reich military collectibles have become increasingly popular among WW2 history collectors over the past several years, surpassing the popularity of war relics from any other country involved in the war. Some attribute this rise in popularity to such Hollywood blockbuster movies as “Saving Private Ryan”, and more recently the hit TV mini-series, “Band of Brothers”. For the younger generation (and some of us older folks) modern video games have also contributed to the increasing interest in World War 2 German militaria collecting, with mega-popular games such as “Medal of Honor”, and “Call of Duty”. Whatever the reason for ones interest in World War II collectibles, its important that history be preserved so future generations can see, feel, and appreciate what the Greatest Generation fought to preserve – our freedom!

  • Gold Government Official Dagger (Eastern People’s Government Dagger)

Gold Government Official’s Dagger (RMBO) by Carl Eickhorn

Price on Request
This has to be one of the rarest Third Reich daggers around, as well as one of the most desirable, and most beautiful! Few collectors are lucky enough to see one in person, much less have the good fortune to add one to their collection. Sometimes referred to as a “Gold Government Dagger” (or Gold Government Official’s Dagger), the more formal label is the Eastern People’s Government Official’s dagger. This particular one is (frankly) the nicest one I’ve seen in my years of collecting...

M1940 (M40) Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

Price: $1,200.00
Great example of a complete and 100% original M40 Luftwaffe helmet with 95% of the second pattern, (Circa 1936/1937-1945), Luftwaffe eagle decal remaining. Paint is 98%, with only average scuffs and scratching. Original liner and chinstrap show signs of age, use, and wear, but otherwise very strong and completely in tact. Manufacturer mark is “Q”, size 64.

State Forestry Officer Visor Cap (named)

Price: $1,200.00
This is a very high quality, and immaculate WWII German State Forestry (Heeresforstverwaltung) Officer’s named visor cap, manufactured by Karl Schlipf Uniformgeschaft Backnang. It simply doesn't get any better than this. The exterior condition is like new, with hardly a blemish, while the interior appears as if the cap was worn only a handful of times. A collector's dream!

Heer Artillery Hauptmann (Captain’s) Winter Greatcoat

Price: $850.00
An extremely high quality, Heer Artillerie Hauptmann (Artillery Captain) officer's double-breasted winter greatcoat, in exceptional condition with only a few very minor moth holes, almost not worth noting. Solid stitching throughout, a pristine collar with soft high quality dark green wool, and flawless sewn-in shoulder boards which include proper original pips, and no evidence of unit cyphers...

Luftwaffe Black Leather Belt & EM/NCO Buckle

Price: $325.00
Very nice quality, unmarked black leather belt with enlisted man / NCO unmarked buckle. Buckle still retains more than 80% of its detail, and is an absolutely beautiful piece by itself. The matching belt, complete with adjustable buckle strap, very nicely detailed hook, and supple high quality, well preserved leather, completes the set very nicely.

State Forestry Officer Tunic and Visor Cap

Price: $2,100.00
This is a very high quality, and immaculate example of a WWII German State Forestry (Heeresforstverwaltung) Officer’s tunic and visor cap. The tunic is in unissued condition inside and out. The visor cap is one of the best examples of a wartime visor I've seen, and is named to the officer it belonged to during the WWII period.

1940 E.u.F Hörster Bayonet with Tan Frog

Price: $375.00
1940 E.u.F Hörster WW2 German Combat Bayonet with brown leather frog. The blade and scabbard are not matching in this set (i.e. the numbers do not match), but the quality and condition is top of the line. Both blade and scabbard are well marked, with the maker (E.u.F Hörster) on one side of the blade, and the serial number, “6095c” on the other. On the blade’s edge is the number “40”, denoting the year of manufacture as 1940. The blade’s condition is excellent, with over 90% of its bluing in tact, and scabbard wear the only notable imperfection. The scabbard bares the number “1060t”, and retains approximately 90% of its original finish, with only minor imperfections. The frog is of firm, high quality brown leather, and bares no notable markings.

S/244 Mundlos German Combat Bayonet

Price: $325.00
One of the nicest blades I’ve seen on a WWII bayonet. This Mundlos manufacturer coded combat bayonet retains 99.9% of its original bluing on the blade, something not often seen on such a relic. The markings on the blade include “S/244,G” on one side, and “9698” on the other. Although not matching (serial number “7949m”), the scabbard is in excellent condition, with 90 - 95% of its original finish in tact, and barely a scratch to note. The bakelite grips are stunning, with no cracks or chips. The black leather frog is not original to this bayonet, but added to complete the set, and sports the mark of Carl Hepting & Co.

Luftwaffe M42 SD Camo Helmet

Price: $2,600.00
This is a smokin’ nice Single Decal M1942 Luftwaffe Camouflage helmet. Tones of light and dark greens, browns and a lighter beige appear to have been applied either by brush or perhaps even by hand. Thicker in some places than in others. The helmet paint shows the normal dings from use, but also texture from the paint application(s). The paint shows signs of being scrubbed; removal of one camo application for another camo applications for different environments...

Luftwaffe Flak Tunic with 3rd Regiment Straps

Price: $1,900.00
This is a beautiful, 1936 Luftwaffe 3rd Regiment Flak tunic with early, pre-war first pattern "droop-tailed" eagle (Circa 1934-1936/1937). It doesn’t get any better than this. Unissued condition throughout. Very nice, thick wool with all buttons and correct flak straps...

Luftwaffe Flak Tunic with 11th Regiment Straps

Price: $1,900.00
This minty Luftwaffe Flak Tuchrock tunic doesn’t get any better. Sporting Regiment 11 shoulder straps, and first pattern, "droop-tailed" eagle, (Circa 1934-1936/1937), this 4 button front closure wool tunic is in mint condition, save a couple minor moth nips and holes...

Heer (Army) DD Transitional Austrian M16 Helmet

Price: $1,900.00
This is a very fine example Heer Austrian Transitional Double Decal Helmet. Very nice exterior paint, with both the standard Heer decal on the left-hand side, and what remains of the national tri-color decal on the right. The exterior is in fantastic condition, with the Heer decal at about 90%, while the tri-color decal is almost completely gone, except for a few remnants and its silhouette...

Justiz (Justice) Prison Official NCO Visor Cap

Price: $1,650.00
This hard to find visor cap could be attributed to either a Justiz NCO or a Prison Official. The visor cap is of high quality construction and features a dark green doeskin wool with light green piping and black wool band. On the front is the near mint original aluminum eagle, and original cockade. Beneath the cockade is the original chin strap that may have been lacquered as is seen with other period leather items such as belts. The visor bill shows normal wear along the rim from repeated removing and placing of the visor on the wearers head...

NSB Dutch SS Officer’s Patch

Price: $350.00
This is a very hard-to-find Dutch NSB (Nationaal-Socialistisch Beweging) patch constructed of multi-piece black and red wool, bordered with what appears to be raised hand-embroidered gold bullion. The “Wolfshook” logo in the center (derived from the Germanic Wolfsangel symbol) is beautifully and skillfully constructed of the same raised embroidered bullion...

Dutch NSB WA Tunic Sleeve Patch

Price: $300.00
This NSB (Nationaal-Socialistisch Beweging) patch would have been worn on the arm of the black WA (Weerbaarheidsafdeling - the Dutch version of the Nazi SA) tunic. It is constructed of multi-piece black and red wool, bordered with what is believed to be hand-embroidered gold bullion. The “Wolfshook” logo in the center (derived from the Germanic Wolfsangel symbol) is beautifully and skillfully constructed of the same raised embroidered bullion. The only notable flaw is s small moth nip (see photos)...

Postschutz Postal Protection Leader Dagger by Paul Weyersberg

Price: $5,200.00
We can’t get enough of these Postal Protection Daggers, also referred to as Postschutz Daggers. This is perhaps the best we’ve seen to date (anywhere) in terms of overall condition, yet priced very reasonably. Starting with the grip, the ebony wood is completely free of cracks and chips. If you’ve studied these daggers you’ll know that these grips were prone to cracking so finding one as stable as this is rare in and of itself! There is notable verdigris where the wood of the grip meets the pommel cap and the guard, so we believe this dagger has never been disassembled, an added plus!...

  • Deumer Iron Cross First Class 1939 Clamshell Screwback Spange (Clasp)

1st Class 1939 Clamshell Screwback Spange – by Deumer

This item has Sold or is On Hold
Here is a very nice Screwback type 1st Class Spange. These do not come up often, and when they do they typically command a premium. Our Spange is priced right considering overall condition and rarity. On the front we see excellent detail eagle’s wings, breast and head, with very little wear at all except the beautiful natural patina from age...

  • Vaulted Imperial 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class with Clamshell Screw Back

Vaulted Imperial 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class with Clamshell Screw Back

Price: $350.00
This is one of the nicer Imperial 1st Class Iron Crosses we’ve come across in a long time in terms of condition and type. We typically see these in the flat pin-back type, so it is a real treat to have one of these with a nice rounded vault and in the clamshell “sunburst” screwback version...

Field Upgrade Chained NSKK Dagger by Haenel

Price: $2,850.00
We have here an impressive example NSKK Officer’s Dagger with field upgraded chain assembly with several interesting attributes. Starting with the dagger itself, we see a very well preserved Haenel SA dagger with a bold and crisp motto on the front, and “C. G. Haenel” makers mark on the reverse...

  • Unique M40 Luftwaffe Tropical Camo Helmet - Period Repaint Back to Luftwaffe Gray

Unique M40 Luftwaffe Tropical Camo Helmet

Price: $3,650.00
Here’s one for the experienced German Helmet collector looking for a Tropical Camo Helmet pulled right out of the veteran’s footlocker (literally). This gem tells a story that no other helmet we’ve encountered before can tell. This very attractive German M40 Camo Helmet started as a standard Luftwaffe gray and was field hand painted to a Tropical Camo as many were...