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This is one of the nicer Imperial 1st Class Iron Crosses we’ve come across in a long time in terms of condition and type. We typically see these in the flat pin-back type, so it is a real treat to have one of these with a nice rounded vault and in the clamshell “sunburst” screwback version.

On the front we see nice even black paint coverage with only very modest wear to the crown, the “W” and the date, “1914”. Overall, the paint is still a solid 99%. The ribbed edges surrounding the black core are a very pleasing straw color, with no dings or impact damage, and only normal wear. The silvering of the outer portions of the arms have a very nice age patina, with that inconsistent tone that makes these pieces so attractive when displayed.

On the reverse we see no marking (which is not unusual), and a threaded receiver stem securely in place. The sunburst (aka “Clamshell”) screw-back plate attaches very nicely, and smoothly onto the receiver stem.