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Artillery NCO Waffenrock (Parade Tunic) belonging to an Unterfeldwebel (Staff Sergeant) serving with the 8th (E.) Batterie of Artillerie Regiment 51. Originally purchased without ribbon bar, wound badge, or brocade belt. This tunic is in very nice condition, with only very minor age (almost not worth mentioning) and no noteworthy stains or mothing. The breast eagle is a very nice variant for parade tunics; the color of the backing is not very often seen. The “E38” marking on the tunic’s interior is the “Erfurt” acceptance stamp for 1938, with the other numbers denote size. A very proud piece indeed. There are loops for a single badge (as shown here with a Silver Wound badge), and short ribbon bar. (NOTE: This tunic does not include the belt, wound badge, or ribbon bar. Tunic only).