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  • Forestry Uniforms

    State Forestry Officer Tunic and Visor Cap


    This is a very high quality, and immaculate example of a WWII German State Forestry (Heeresforstverwaltung) Officer’s tunic and visor cap. The tunic is in unissued condition inside and out. The visor cap is one of the best examples of a wartime visor I’ve seen, and is named to the officer it belonged to during the WWII period.

  • German Army Uniforms

    Heer Artillery NCO Waffenrock


    Artillery NCO Waffenrock (Parade Tunic) belonging to an Unterfeldwebel (Staff Sergeant) serving with the 8th (E.) Batterie of Artillerie Regiment 51. Originally purchased without ribbon bar, wound badge, or brocade belt. This tunic is in very nice condition, with only very minor age (almost not worth mentioning) and no noteworthy stains or mothing. The breast eagle is a very nice variant for parade tunics; the color of the backing is not very often seen.

  • German Army Uniforms

    Heer Officers Service Dress Tunic & Visor


    This beautifully preserved German WW2 tunic and visor cap set is from a Heer Infanterie Hauptmann (Captain) of the Reserve. Aside from a few minor moth holes, most notably under the armpits and out of direct sight, this set is immaculate! The matching visor cap sports a more rare bullion kokarde and wreath, but was not found with the typical officer chin cord. This may very well have been removed by the officer because he preferred the look without it.

  • German Army Uniforms

    Oberfeldwebel Reichswehr NCO Transitional Tunic


    World War II Oberfeldwebel Reichswehr Transitional Tunic for an Infantry NCO in a Machine Gunner’s unit. This WW2 tunic is a Reichswehr carry-over in moleskin, modified for Wehrmacht use with period added Werhmacht style M36 dark green collar and a very early Heer breast insignia. The unit markings are also Reichswehr period. The inside of the tunic is named to Franz Bauer…

  • German Uniforms & Tunics

    Luftwaffe Oberfeldwebel Tunic


    This is a Luftwaffe Oberfeldwebel Tunic with some minor wear to the fabric that can be seen when photographed under a flash, but not in normal lighting. Buttons also show signs of wear. Tunic shows signs of custom tailoring as well, and is evident by the markings on the inside of the tunic. Buttons appear to have been repositioned as previous button holes have been sewn closed (by a very skilled tailor as they are barely visible).

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