German Helmets

WWII German HelmetOur WW2 German Helmet category contains a mix of German Kriegsmarine helmets, German Heer (army) helmets, German Luftwaffe (air force) helmets, Luftschutz helmets and more. German Helmets have always been an important WWII Collectible for many collectors to showcase. With so many helmet styles produced by Germany in WW2, such as the popular M42 German Heer Helmet, which was the last wartime upgrade to the standard helmet in 1942, some collectors choose to focus only on collecting helmets! Caution should be taken when considering a German Helmet for purchase since there are a great deal of reproductions on the market today, some using original helmets, but reproduction decals and paint. Check back often as our private collection is constantly growing, thanks to the contributions of our wonderful visitors!

M1940 (M40) Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

Price: $1,200.00
Great example of a complete and 100% original M40 Luftwaffe helmet with 95% of the second pattern, (Circa 1936/1937-1945), Luftwaffe eagle decal remaining. Paint is 98%, with only average scuffs and scratching. Original liner and chinstrap show signs of age, use, and wear, but otherwise very strong and completely in tact. Manufacturer mark is “Q”, size 64.

Luftwaffe M42 SD Camo Helmet

Price: $2,600.00
This is a smokin’ nice Single Decal M1942 Luftwaffe Camouflage helmet. Tones of light and dark greens, browns and a lighter beige appear to have been applied either by brush or perhaps even by hand. Thicker in some places than in others. The helmet paint shows the normal dings from use, but also texture from the paint application(s). The paint shows signs of being scrubbed; removal of one camo application for another camo applications for different environments...

Heer (Army) DD Transitional Austrian M16 Helmet

Price: $1,900.00 This item has Sold or is On Hold
This is a very fine example Heer Austrian Transitional Double Decal Helmet. Very nice exterior paint, with both the standard Heer decal on the left-hand side, and what remains of the national tri-color decal on the right. The exterior is in fantastic condition, with the Heer decal at about 90%, while the tri-color decal is almost completely gone, except for a few remnants and its silhouette...

  • Unique M40 Luftwaffe Tropical Camo Helmet - Period Repaint Back to Luftwaffe Gray

Unique M40 Luftwaffe Tropical Camo Helmet

Price: $3,650.00
Here’s one for the experienced German Helmet collector looking for a Tropical Camo Helmet pulled right out of the veteran’s footlocker (literally). This gem tells a story that no other helmet we’ve encountered before can tell. This very attractive German M40 Camo Helmet started as a standard Luftwaffe gray and was field hand painted to a Tropical Camo as many were...

Kriegsmarine Administration Official’s White Pith Helmet

Price on Request
The World War 2 German Kriegsmarine (German Navy) Administration Official’s Pith Helmet is perhaps one of the rarest of all Pith Helmets. This particular example shows signs of strong use, but is complete and in tact, with all of the expected parts accessories, including the original large, silver washed, die stamped alloy construction national eagle. The eagle is in superb condition, and is firmly attached with three prongs that are clearly visible on the interior of the helmet (as expected)...

Luftschutz Three-Piece Beaded Gladiator Helmet

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Luftschutz 3-piece Gladiator-style helmet, complete with original liner and chin-strap. Everything about this helmet is absolutely beautiful! The chinstrap, though rigid and showing signs of age, is in extremely good condition. The liner is the same; aside from a fair amount of dust that was present at the time the helmet was acquired. Decal is 98%. Paint has average scratching and scuffs.

Luftschutz Czech Capture Helmet

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This is a captured Czechoslovakian helmet that was converted into a Luftschutz helmet. Sports the standard Luftschutz decal on the front (99% complete), very nice, and complete liner and chinstrap. Aside from an average amount of wear to the shell paint, this helmet is a very nice example...

M40 Camo Helmet

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Here’s a real looker! A nice M40 camo helmet with a nice, clean pattern. We all know camo was applied uniquely with each helmet, not factory applied, so close inspection and good judgment is always in order when reviewing these. This one is no exception. It shows good, honest and uniform wear throughout, with no evidence of artificial aging or tooling that we see on the reproductions...

M42 German Army (Heer) Combat Helmet — by CKL

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A nice German Army (Heer) Combat Helmet. The finish is a smooth field-gray with the expected use wear. There are no dents, and no areas on the exterior showing severe paint loss or rust like we sometimes see with these (especially on the top of the helmet). There is what we assume to be a paint scuff on the top of the helmet, approximately 1.5 inch by 2.5 inches...

Heer (Army) Tropical Pith Helmet

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This WW2 Tropical Pith Helmet is not the nicest example I’ve seen, but it is complete, original, and in better shape than many on the market today. The only notable flaws are the heavily worn leather chinstrap, normal wear to the leather trim around the rim of the helmet except for a small 2-3” chunk missing, and some minor discoloration in areas. The sweatband on the inside is in tact, but has a small section that has either been burned, or saturated with a substance that caused the leather to harden.

Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet – ET68 SD

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A very nice M1938 (M38) Fallschirmjäger Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet, sporting the single decal and Thale manufacturing trademark “ET”, size 68. The shell is in amazing condition, with only modest scratches and paint chips from use, but absolutely no rust or corrosion. The single Luftwaffe eagle decal is 99% complete, with the largest flaw being to the eagle’s left-hand wing; a 1/8 inch nick. The 4 spanner screws have a nice dark brown tone, but appear to be free of any tampering...