Price: $3,850.00

This is about as good as it gets when it comes to these late-war RZM SS daggers! A real nice one here from Robert Klaas (7/37 RZM 1051/39).

The grip is near perfect as far as these daggers go, with only very modest dings and use wear. The SS roundel shows no loss of enamel (zero) and the typical hint of green verdigris that we like to see along the bottom edge of the button. The grip eagle is the aluminum type (correct) and shows only minimal wear to the normal areas of the wreath and wings, but still retains at least 95% of the original factory detail. The upper and lower guards are the plated type (which is correct) and both show the same level of modest wear and only a couple of small areas where the plating has peeled, mainly near the tips of the guards (see photos). As we know, with these late war SS daggers the plated guards tend to peel over time. Most show significantly more wear and peeling than this example. At the top of the grip the pommel nut shows no signs of tampering, and no swirl marks on the upper surface of the guard either.

Moving to the blade we’re hard pressed to comment on any negative aspects at all; this is truly one beautiful blade indeed! On the front the motto has a light gray tone and surface of the blade is virtually flawless, save the typically scabbard runner marks that we see on all SS daggers. On the reverse we see the same condition (virtually flawless), with the RZM maker’s mark (M7/37 RZM 1051/39 SS) near the base of the blade in the same gray tone as the motto.

Last, but not least, we see a scabbard whose condition matches the rest of the dagger. The black painted scabbard body shows some minor use scratches, but has managed to retain easily 99% of the original paint, with the “veins” running through the surface that we like to see in original period applied paint. The plated fittings show the same tone as the guards and are virtually without flaw. This includes the tip ball, which shows absolutely no signs of any damage (very rare!). All fitting screws are secure and show no signs of tampering.