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  • German Bayonets

    1940 E.u.F Hörster Bayonet with Tan Frog


    1940 E.u.F Hörster WW2 German Combat Bayonet with brown leather frog. The blade and scabbard are not matching in this set (i.e. the numbers do not match), but the quality and condition is top of the line. Both blade and scabbard are well marked, with the maker (E.u.F Hörster) on one side of the blade, and the serial number, “6095c” on the other. On the blade’s edge is the number “40”, denoting the year of manufacture as 1940. The blade’s condition is excellent, with over 90% of its bluing in tact, and scabbard wear the only notable imperfection. The scabbard bares the number “1060t”, and retains approximately 90% of its original finish, with only minor imperfections. The frog is of firm, high quality brown leather, and bares no notable markings.

  • German Bayonets

    S/244 Mundlos German Combat Bayonet


    One of the nicest blades I’ve seen on a WWII bayonet. This Mundlos manufacturer coded combat bayonet retains 99.9% of its original bluing on the blade, something not often seen on such a relic. The markings on the blade include “S/244,G” on one side, and “9698” on the other. Although not matching (serial number “7949m”), the scabbard is in excellent condition, with 90 – 95% of its original finish in tact, and barely a scratch to note. The bakelite grips are stunning, with no cracks or chips. The black leather frog is not original to this bayonet, but added to complete the set, and sports the mark of Carl Hepting & Co.

  • German Bayonets

    1939 E.u.F Hörster Bayonet with Frog – Numbers Matching


    This is one of the nicest matching WWII combat bayonet sets I’ve come across. An E.u.F Hörster maker combat bayonet, with clear markings and 99% bluing on the blade. Markings include the E.u.F Hörster makers mark, “39” on the blade’s edge (denoting the year of manufacture 1939), and the number 9420b clearly marked on both the blade and the scabbard. The scabbard retains about 95% of its finish, with only a minor ding and a couple very minor scratches worth noting. The frog has no notable markings. but is very firm and high quality; showing very little age.

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