Anti-Partisan Badges

Anti-partisan Badges“Partisans” were groups of guerrilla fighters dressed in civilian cloths fighting against the Germans behind their lines. They would perform attacks on logistical targets throughout Europe, from France to Russia, and then simply disappear back into the surrounding civilians and forests. Combatting these Partisan insurgents became quite a load on the German Heer (Army), Luftwaffe (Air Force), Waffen SS, Police and even the Kriegsmarine (Navy). In late 1942, the Waffen SS took command of the Anti-Partisan efforts, which was typically a fierce and bloody ordeal. The Partisans knew that if captured they’d likely be shot or hanged so they fought knowing this full well. In January of 1944, the Anti-Partisan Badge was instituted by Adolf Hitler in recognition of the daunting task it was to fight the Partisans. The award consisted of three classes including Bronze (for 20 combat days), Silver (for 50 combat days) and Gold (for 100 combat days).

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