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Here’s a real looker! A nice M40 camo helmet with a nice, clean pattern.

We all know camo was applied uniquely with each helmet, not factory applied, so close inspection and good judgment is always in order when reviewing these. This one is no exception. It shows good, honest and uniform wear throughout, with no evidence of artificial aging or tooling that we see on the reproductions. There is some red (”new”) rust, but it is uniform throughout all exposed areas of original metal. Some camo helmet collectors will say they like to see only black rust, no red rust on an original helmet, but depending on how the helmet was stored it is entirely possible to have “new” red rust. What you want to look for is uniformity in the red rust; is it only in one place, or do you see traces of the same color rust in the other exposed areas. The latter is what you want to see, and this helmet has it — a uniform presence.

The condition of the paint on this helmet is awesome! The random texture of the hand-applied paint, and unique pattern are stunning. There is paint buildup around the liner pins as expected, and typical wear around the rim. There is also what appears to be a shrapnel ricochet point (slightly indented) on the wearer’s right-hand side, toward the rear of the helmet (this can be seen in the photos).

The liner on the interior is a bit rigid and dirty, but 100%. The original chin strap is included, but broken and elongated (stretched). The size stamp on the liner reads, “57”.