Price: $2,550.00

A very nice numbers matching Third Reich era German Navy Sword, depot stamped by Adolf Braun. The blade is in excellent condition with only minor spotting to about 10% of the blade. Many of these Kriegsmarine swords have blades in similar condition so this is expected. There are no notable nicks, scratches or other imperfections; this blade is solid! The blade is not maker marked, only depot stamped to Adolf Braun as mentioned.

The scabbards on these German Navy Swords are absolutely stunning, and this example is no exception. The brass fittings are virtually without flaw, with no major dings, or dents, only minor use scratches and color variances from age. The lower fitting has the traditional Kriegsmarine eagle over the letter “M” stamp deeply impressed into the brass (note, another stamp can be found on the underside of the lower guard). The leather shows some surface scuffs in places (approximately 10% of the surface), but is otherwise solid, with no signs of improper storage or other damage. The stitch line along the reverse of the leather is in tact, showing no separation.

The hilt is all brass, with two hinged plates; one showing the anchor design, the other serving as securing plate to keep the scabbard in place using a pin. On this plate is a number, “0.2440”, and is matched by the same number of the scabbard throat fitting (also “0.2440”), thus making this a verified matching set. Both plate hinges are tight (as expected) and function as they should. The celluloid grip is without chips, but does have a very small (about 1.4 inch in length) hairline crack between the second and third wires (from the top). There are three wires recessed into the grooves of the grip sections; one thick braided wire, and two think on either side. The thick wire is tight, but the two outer thin wires are a slightly loose, which is perfectly normal with these.

Overall this is a magnificent Kriegsmarine Sword that would be difficult to outdo, especially considering the well marked numbers matching sword to scabbard.