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Here’s a real nice 100% original Cholm 1942 Shield with a very rare 2-pin configuration on the reverse.

This is the short “M” version, which refers to the depth of the “V” portion of the letter “M” in the word “CHOLM”. There were two manufacturers of this award, each with a few unique design variations, the most notable being to the letter “M”.

This particular award shows very modest age coloration to the silvering, but no rust. The silver wash is 95%, with only minimal loss around the edges and a couple of the higher areas of the detailing. The eagle detail is very pronounced, with no physical wear to note. Same with the Swastika and the lettering, “CHOLM 1942”, all very well preserved with no notable loss of detail.

On the reverse we see a bit more age discoloration (we’ll call it patina), and a very rare 2-prong configuration. Typically we see these with 3-prongs, but this one is obviously a variant as there is no evidence of an additional prong ever being attached, and the topmost prong is centered inline with the lower prong.

These campaign shields are rare enough without any unusual variations, but the condition and pin layout of this particular shield should make any collector drool! This shield was purchased along with our nice Juncker Knight’s Cross, both previously owned by a very astute collector. Check out our other Cholm Shield with the scarce “long M” design and wool backing.