Red Cross Daggers and Hewers

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Red Cross EM Dagger (Hewer) — Ges. Geschutzt

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A very nice WW2 period German Red Cross EM Dagger (a.k.a. Hewer). This is a fine example by maker Ges. Geschutzt (concealed on the blade beneath the lower guard), with a beautiful blade. The metal fittings are all tight, and show only normal levels of age - nothing unusual...

Red Cross Leader Dagger

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These are just really neat daggers in my opinion! Unmarked WWII Red Cross Leader Dagger with pale yellow grip and some minor rust spots on the scabbard and minor corrosion spots on the blade. The handle shows signs of any cracks, chips, staining or otherwise. Very tight. The metal of the cross guard has some very minor spotting on the side opposite the eagle, but the eagle is very clean and retains 100% of its original detail. The pommel nut shows obvious signs of removal and retightening. Some of the threading has been stripped from the process of either removing the nut, or tightening it back up.

Red Cross EM Hewer with Frog — Ges. Geschutzt

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A very nice Red Cross EM Hewer with leather frog and the "Ges. Geschutzt" patent protection mark on the blade behind the cross guard. One of the nicer ones I’ve come across to date. Completely uncleaned and unmessed with...