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Postschutz Postal Protection Leader Dagger by Paul Weyersberg

Price: $5,200.00
We can’t get enough of these Postal Protection Daggers, also referred to as Postschutz Daggers. This is perhaps the best we’ve seen to date (anywhere) in terms of overall condition, yet priced very reasonably. Starting with the grip, the ebony wood is completely free of cracks and chips. If you’ve studied these daggers you’ll know that these grips were prone to cracking so finding one as stable as this is rare in and of itself! There is notable verdigris where the wood of the grip meets the pommel cap and the guard, so we believe this dagger has never been disassembled, an added plus!...

Postal Protection Leader Dagger by Paul Weyersberg

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These Postal Defense Leader Daggers are some of the most stunning daggers in our opinion. We simply love the detail and uniqueness about them, and are honored to present this example to our collectors for consideration. The ebony wood grip on this one is very nice, with no cracks or chips to note, and an eagle device at the center that shows 100% of it’s original detail. The grip shows only minor use wear, consisting mainly of a few small impact dings, but nothing unexpected...

Postal Protection Leader’s Dagger by Paul Weyersberg

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One of the more collectible (and rare) of the WW2 German daggers, the Postal Protection Dagger by maker Paul Weyersberg. This dagger is absolutely stunning! The nickel plated fittings are superb, with only modest use scratches. The ebony grip is smooth and virtually flawless. Typically you find these with several deep scratches, dings, dents or even repainted. The grip on this example is the best we’ve seen, down to the detail of the grip insignia.

Postschutz Postal Defense Belt Buckle — Unissued

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This is a very rare WW2 Postschuetz Belt Buckle (Postal Defense) in unissued condition, with leather tab by manufacturer Noelle & Hueck Ludenscheid 1935. These buckles are seldom found, and even more difficult to come across in this condition. A real find with no signs of use, and no notable flaws.