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Kriegsmarine Navy Dagger with Hangers — Eickhorn 2nd Model

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This is a rare beauty, with the perfect combination of accessories! Carl Eickhorn 2nd model Kriegsmarine dagger with correct hangers, numbered and matching parts, decorative set-in-place portepee, and composite grip made to resemble ivory! The grip on the beauty is spectacular! Outside of real ivory it’s the next best thing. Very nice two-tone vein lines really make this grip stand out. The grip is completely solid, no wooden core, and no cracks or chips.

  • Kriegsmarine (Navy) Dagger by Eickhorn

Kriegsmarine (Navy) Dagger by Eickhorn

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Here we have a stunning example of an Eickhorn Kriegsmarine Navy Dagger with a blade that is absolutely breathtaking and a scabbard that is dent-free; something that is becoming more and more difficult to find with these navy daggers. Since I love the blade so much on this example, we’ll start there. Often times we see these daggers with the fouled anchor etch spattered with oxidation spotting, or loss of the gray toning due to cleaning, polishing or buffing of the blade...

WKC Kriegsmarine Navy Dagger – 2nd Model

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This German World War 2 Kriegsmarine Dagger just doesn’t get any better! Purchased directly from the Grandson of the vet who brought it back to the states after World War 2, the condition is exceptional, with no notable chips or cracks to the handle. The pommel is loose, but I believe it could be fixed without compromising the integrity of the dagger. The scabbard is of the hammered (pebbled) style, with a minor dent. The blade has a very nice, dark etched design that is absolutely exquisite.

First Model Kriegsmarine Dagger (rare black grip) by Alcoso

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Here’s a real nice, early first pattern Kriegsmarine dagger with hard to come by black grip by the Alcoso firm. Typically we see these with white grips so it’s a real treat to have one in black. This dagger overall is in exceptional condition. The pommel cap (nicknamed the “flame top”) has retained remarkable detail, displaying at least 95% of its factory detail, with no notable dings or flaws...

  • Kriegsmarine (Navy) Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

Kriegsmarine (Navy) Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

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Here’s a really nice Eickhorn Navy (Kriegsmarine) Dagger with an absolutely beautiful blade, and a ton going for it. The grip and fittings are about as good as it gets, with no cracks to the ivory colored grip, and a very attractive patina to the gold colored fittings; just enough to give them age.