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Luftwaffe Flak Tunic with 3rd Regiment Straps

Price: $1,900.00
This is a beautiful, 1936 Luftwaffe 3rd Regiment Flak tunic with early, pre-war first pattern "droop-tailed" eagle (Circa 1934-1936/1937). It doesn’t get any better than this. Unissued condition throughout. Very nice, thick wool with all buttons and correct flak straps...

Luftwaffe Flak Tunic with 11th Regiment Straps

Price: $1,900.00
This minty Luftwaffe Flak Tuchrock tunic doesn’t get any better. Sporting Regiment 11 shoulder straps, and first pattern, "droop-tailed" eagle, (Circa 1934-1936/1937), this 4 button front closure wool tunic is in mint condition, save a couple minor moth nips and holes...

Luftwaffe Uniform & Veteran Lot – Adolf Wessel

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This is a very nice Luftwaffe veteran lot of Adolf Wessel, purchased directly from Adolf’s son. The lot includes Adolf’s tunic, dagger (with deluxe hanger and portepee), visor cap, badges (Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Sports Badge, and Silver Wound Badge), approximately 40 photos, and 6 documents including his Allied Discharge Paper. Many of the photos in this lot contain candid and posed shots of Adolf in the many different uniforms and ranks he had throughout his military career. One photo in particular shows him posing with this tunic, all three badges, and this dagger...

Luftwaffe Tuchrock (School Tunic)

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This is a Luftwaffe School Tunic (Luftwaffe Tuchrock for an Obergefreiter of Flieger KriegsSchule). The breast eagle is very nicely preserved, with solid stitching and detail. The shoulder boards are firmly seated into the seams of the sleeves, and bare the markings "KS", which I can only assume stands for "KriegsSchule". Collar tabs are filled with three gulls each, all period and all original to the tunic. On the left sleeve are two very nice badges including a "Flight Technical Personnel" trade badge (lower badge), and "Obergefreiter's" rank chevron (higher badge)...

Luftwaffe Oberfeldwebel Tunic

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This is a Luftwaffe Oberfeldwebel Tunic with some minor wear to the fabric that can be seen when photographed under a flash, but not in normal lighting. Buttons also show signs of wear. Tunic shows signs of custom tailoring as well, and is evident by the markings on the inside of the tunic. Buttons appear to have been repositioned as previous button holes have been sewn closed (by a very skilled tailor as they are barely visible).