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Carl Eickhorn Partial Ground Rohm SA Dagger – Personalized

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A very nice "field ground" Rohm SA Dagger by Eickorn. In 1934, Ernst Rohm was executed on Hitler's orders, and all inscriptions on these daggers were ordered removed (ground away) by Hitler. There are several points of the inscription still identifiable on this one due to the crude nature of the “field grinding”...

SA High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

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Here’s a rare gem, straight from the nephew of the veteran who liberated it during WW2. An early Eickhorn SA High Leader Dagger, which has been lying untouched since the war. We don’t come across these undisturbed pieces often, and even less often in such amazing condition...

Full Rohm SA Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

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Here’s a real find for SA dagger collectors, a Carl Eickhorn SA Dagger with full, untouched Ernst Röhm inscription. Starting at the grip we find a classic and desirable highly pronounced Eickhorn wood grain, with only modest use wear to include several minor, and a couple more pronounced dings and scratches...

NSDAP SA Political Uniform Tunic, Breeches & Kepi Grouping

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This NSDAP SA Uniform grouping includes the tunic jacket with armband machine sewn onto the sleeve, matching breeches (pants), kepi and belt. The tunic is solid, with no holes or tears, however the moths did a number on the wool’s surface, with quite a few large sections showing wear under strong lighting. You can also see several holes in the white of the armband. The interior is mint, with the original RZM tag sewn onto the inside breast pocket in perfect condition...

SA Dagger — Carl Eickhorn Ground Rohm

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A very nice factory ground Röhm dagger here, with everything going for it including an exceptional blade! The grip condition couldn’t be much better. Aside from the crack in the lower right front portion of the grip, this grip would be hard to upgrade! The finish is smooth and beautiful, with all the right wood grain characteristics we’ve come to love from these early Eickhorn daggers.

  • SA Dagger by Christianswerk Solingen (scarce maker)

SA Dagger by Christianswerk Solingen (scarce maker)

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SA Daggers by Christianswerk don’t come around too often so we’re thrilled to be providing this one for sale. The grip is a nice chocolate brown tone with a few minor dings and one very small eighth inch surface chip to the left of the SA roundel near the corner of the grip.

  • SA Dagger by Wagner & Lang (scarce maker)

SA Dagger by Wagner & Lang (scarce maker)

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Another beautiful SA dagger from the seldom seen maker, Wagner & Lang. The grip on this dagger is a nice chocolate tone in near perfect condition. The nickel guards appear to be uncleaned, and show very little wear. Pommel nut shows no marks from pliers (has not been removed) and no swirl marks.

SA Dagger — J.P. Sauer & Sohn SUHL

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A nice, early SA dagger by maker, J. P. Sauer & Sohn SUHL. A solid SA dagger, and nice example at an affordable price! The grip has a very nice tone, one typically not found with these daggers. Only minor use wear (mainly scratches and a couple very small dings) can be found on either side. The grip eagle is superb, with approximately 95% of it’s original detail and a very nice, dark brown outline color in the wood surrounding the emblem...

SA Dagger with RZM Tag by M7/2 Emil Voos

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Absolutely mint, in the full sense of the word. This Emil Voos (RZM M7/2) SA Dagger looks like it just came off the shelf, or out of a very well kept time capsule at very least. Still spoting the original tan RZM tag, which shows no signs whatsoever of decay and only very modest edge wear as seen in the photos (no rips or tears).

SA Dagger — F&A Helbig Steinbach KR. M.

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Here we have a nice, hard to find early F.&A. Helbig SA Dagger with a blade that can’t be beat! The grip is a nice medium tone brown, with some natural dark accents that make it really attractive. There are some normal dings from use, but no cracks to note. The upper and lower guards fit like a glove to the grip. Helbig was one of the best makers of SA daggers when it came to the art of fitting their parts together.

SA Dagger — F. Dick Esslingen

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This early SA Dagger was produced by the F. Dick company (F. Dick, Esslingen). This is possibly the nicest grip I’ve seen on an SA dagger due to its deep cherry wood tones, and subtle light accents. A real beauty! The grip shows only standard use wear, which consists of small scratches from normal use. The grip eagle eagle has retained about 99% of its original detail, appearing to have not suffered any dings or harsh use. The SA roundel has all of it’s enamel and is in superb condition!

SA Dagger — Early F.W. Holler

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When looking at this early F.W. Höller SA dagger you can’t help but fall in love with it! From the blade to the guard, grip and will be highly impressed! Not to mention the rarity of this beauty; rating a 9 on the SA dagger McSARR scale...

NSKK Dagger — 1938 Transitional Eickhorn 7/66

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A nice minty 1938 NSKK Eickhorn Transitional RZM 7/66 with very few notable flaws. The scabbard fit is tight, blade virtually flawless (aside from the runner marks). The scabbard shows only a couple very minor scratches. The metal fittings on the scabbard are without dings or dents. Screws show no signs of tampering.

  • Ground Rohm SA Dagger by E.P.&S.

Ground Rohm SA Dagger by E.P.&S.

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Here’s a real nice field ground Rohm SA Dagger from E.P.&S with a very desirable blond grip. As mentioned, the grip on this one is a very nice blond color, with a few speckles of dark throughout; one almost resembling a birth mark. The finish is nice and smooth, with a slight gloss under good lighting. The nickel eagle is a nice and shiny, with most of its original detail and only some use wear in the expected areas around the wreath legs and breast...

Early SA Dagger — Robert Herder Solingen

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This is a nice, honest early SA dagger by maker Robert Herder, Solingen with the nice, hard to come by maroon windmill maker mark -- almost a color match to the grip. The grip on this one has a very nice, deep burgundy tone - a very elegant color! The grip eagle retains approximately 90% of its original detail, and the SA roundel is 100%...

  • Early SA Dagger by E.P.&S. (Ernst Pack & Sohne)

Early SA Dagger by E.P.&S. (Ernst Pack & Sohne)

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We have here an early Ernst Pack & Sohne (E.P.&S.) SA Dagger is absolutely beautiful condition, never disassembled! Beginning at the top we see a gently worn (from general wartime use) wood grip with a couple of modest nicks, sandwiched between two nicely age colored cross guards...

  • SA Dagger by Carl Eickhorn (early C.E. mark)

SA Dagger by Carl Eickhorn (early C.E. mark)

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Eickhorn SA Daggers are always a staple in any SA Dagger collection. Even more so are the various Eickhorn maker marks. This one has a seldom seen early mark used between 1933 and 1936, with the double oval and the initails “C.E.” beneath the squirrel. The grip is a nice chocolate brown tone with the expected normal use scratches and a couple of very tiny dings, but no cracks or chips...

  • SA Dagger by Justinuswerk Solingen

SA Dagger by Justinuswerk Solingen

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A wonderful SA Dagger from scarce maker Justinuswerk in a condition that cannot be beat! Justinuswerk SA daggers rank #7 in rarity on the McSARR scale. The grip is in beautiful condition, having a very nice deep brown tone at the center and a slightly lighter tone as the grip transitions to the guards - absolutely stunning!

SA Dagger by Peter Lungstrass

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A very nice, early (1933-35) SA Dagger by a seldom encountered maker, Peter Lungstrass. This is a true beauty! Very deep cherry colored grip, with scabbard to match. The wood of the grip is extremely smooth with very few imperfections (you have to look close to find them). The metal fittings are a bit loose, but there are absolutely no signs of the pommel nut ever having been removed so the loose fit is likely due to some minor shrinkage over time, and not from being messed with. The metal of the cross guards are near perfect, with no signs of oxidation or tarnishing at all. The Inspection Stamp “Wm” (Westmark) is clearly visible on the lower cross guard (on the same side as the maker mark)...

NSDAP Ortsgruppe Political Leader’s Visor Cap

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This is a very nice quality example WWII NSDAP Visor Cap, in very well preserved condition. Aside from a couple very minor moth nips to the light blue colored piping around the rim, and a 4 inch section of the sweatband that has come loose (unnoticeable unless you pull the band away from the rim), this is a solid World War 2 Political Visor Cap.