Price: $2,650.00

This is an extremely nice RAD Leader Dagger with a ton going for it, including a MINT blade! Condition and quality don’t get any better than this!

The hilt plating has a nice deep patina with hints of silver peeking through along the less directly exposed areas of the guard. The detail of the eagle’s head and cross guard are nearly perfect, with little use wear at all. The ivory colored grip plates are near perfect, with only the slightest of use wear and no cracks.

The blade is absolutely MINT on this example. It doesn’t get any better, nor is there really anymore to say except WOW! That said, we’ll also go ahead and note the obvious (when viewing the photos), which is the gorgeous deep dark factory toning that is still very present on the motto and the Eickhorn maker’s mark. A stunning display piece!

Like the hilt, the scabbard also has a very nice deep patina, with hints of silvering near the throat where the cross guard covered areas of the scabbard.

If you’ve been in the market, waiting for the right RAD Leader Dagger to come along, don’t second guess yourself. This one is about as nice as it gets AND priced low for the market.