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This nice Heer M40 6-button tunic has a great deal of potential for someone looking to restore one of these. The original collar tabs and shoulder boards are long gone, but the base cloth is primed and ready for a new set. This is most likely a “walking out” tunic, but could possibly be a combat tunic. Difficult to saw for sure.

The EK2 ribbon is original and properly sewn. There is minor mothing throughout, although most spots are only visible under intense lighting. There is a hole on the reverse exterior approximately 2×3 inches (see photo). The upgraded officer’s grade breast eagle is in great condition, with the correct deep green backing fabric. The button hole stitching is completely gone on one of the button holes, and partially gone on a few others. This is not uncommon on heavily used tunics such as this one. There is a make-shift dagger or sword hanger hole on the interior (see photo), which would imply that the owner was a higher ranking NCO (possible an Oberfeldwebel) and simply improvised when promoted by cutting his own slot. All buttons are present and stitching appears to be solid on all.