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This one is a real beauty! A German Cross in Gold by maker C. F. Zimmerman (“20”), with correct flaws and well preserved in every detail.

On the front, the deep charcoal colored 8-point “sunburst” overlay shows hints of the original gold wash to the most prominent rays. The high detail of the laurel leaves on the stamped golden alloy wreath, seated atop a red enamel washed background, have been perfectly preserved with little notable wear. The black enamel of the Swastika is 98%, with only a couple very small areas where the enamel has worn away to the base background (shown in the photos). The silver wash behind the swastika shows an average amount of wear, but very well preserved when compared with many examples we’ve seen.

The reverse shows normal wear and age, with the standard Zimmerman 4 rivet pattern, and correct pin style, hinge and clasp for this maker as well. On the underside of the pin is a clearly stamped “20”, which is correct for maker, C.F. Zimmerman as well.