Price: $1,650.00

This one sure has some class! An early Luftwaffe sword by SMF with a very nice looking patina! The metal fittings are very crisp in detail, with very little wear aside from the metal’s patina. All scabbard screws are accounted for and flush as they should be. The Pommel is just a tad loose (doesn’t line up 100% with the cross guard when tightened), but a well placed non-permanent shim would take care of it easily. The leather scabbard buffer is still present, but dry and flat. The double braided wire wrapping the leather grip is 100% complete and tight. The leather itself has a few scuffs, but otherwise matches the age of the rest of the sword. The scabbard leather has several areas that have dried and cracked, but is still 95% complete and can easily be repaired if one chose to do so. The blade shows some minor spotting toward the tip, but is otherwise surprisingly clean and shiny. My favorite part of this sword is the leather hanger, which is not only present and complete, but has a nice bow to it that is the result of being worn time after time.