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  • Named NSDAP SA Political Visor Cap for Ortsgruppe

Named NSDAP SA Political Visor Cap

Price: $1,150.00
Here’s a very well preserved, and named, Orts level NSDAP Political Visor Cap with a lot going for it! These caps are still priced affordably so pick up a nice one while you still can for a reasonable price. This cap shows just the right amount of wear, and in all the right places! Aside from the minor moth nips that we see in the blue piping (see photos), which is unfortunately rather common with these caps, there are no major flaws to note...

  • SA Dagger by E.P.&S. (Ernst Pack & Sohne)

SA Dagger by E.P.&S. (Ernst Pack & Sohne)

Price: $995.00
Talk about untouched, this one has all other SA daggers wishing they were just like it! One of the nicest all around E.P.&S. daggers we’ve seen, with all the right qualities, purchased from the relative of the veteran who returned it home after WW2.

  • SA Dagger by maker C.G. Haenel Suhl

Early SA Dagger by maker C.G. Haenel Suhl

Price: $1,150.00
A truly exceptional early example of an SA Dagger by the C.G. Haenel firm. It doesn’t get much better than this in terms of overall quality. From handle to tip this is a real screamer! The nice walnut grip on this dagger shows some of the most striking grain of any SA daggers out there. Very few dings or scratches can be found on the surface, and no notable cracks.

Carl Eickhorn Partial Ground Rohm SA Dagger – Personalized

Price on Request
A very nice "field ground" Rohm SA Dagger by Eickorn. In 1934, Ernst Rohm was executed on Hitler's orders, and all inscriptions on these daggers were ordered removed (ground away) by Hitler. There are several points of the inscription still identifiable on this one due to the crude nature of the “field grinding”...

SA High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

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Here’s a rare gem, straight from the nephew of the veteran who liberated it during WW2. An early Eickhorn SA High Leader Dagger, which has been lying untouched since the war. We don’t come across these undisturbed pieces often, and even less often in such amazing condition...

SA NCO Kepi — Ostland/Westfalen Gruppe

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These SA Kepi caps are some of the most unique, and attractive caps from the Third Reich era in my opinion. This particular Kepi is for an SA NCO with the top color (deep red/maroon) signifying the Ostland/Westfalen Gruppe. This particular cap is constructed of winter-weight wool, which is rare to find. The red band is free of moth damage, which is also fairly rare to see since the entire cap is constructed from a moth’s favorite treat - wool!...

NSDAP Visor Cap for Ortsgruppe Political Leader

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This WW2 NSDAP Political Visor Cap is in very nice condition, with only minor moth nips to the blue piping (fairly normal and expected), and some minimal staining on the interior, evident in the photos. The cloth overall is in like-new condition, with no notable stains on the exterior, and as stated above, only minor water (sweat) stains on the interior top fabric of the cap. The dark brown band around the rim is absolutely 100% with no moth holes or nips whatsoever. Same with the light brown fabric, no notable flaws.

NSDAP Ortsgruppe Political Leader’s Visor Cap

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This is a very nice quality example WWII NSDAP Visor Cap, in very well preserved condition. Aside from a couple very minor moth nips to the light blue colored piping around the rim, and a 4 inch section of the sweatband that has come loose (unnoticeable unless you pull the band away from the rim), this is a solid World War 2 Political Visor Cap.

NSDAP SA Political Uniform Tunic, Breeches & Kepi Grouping

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This NSDAP SA Uniform grouping includes the tunic jacket with armband machine sewn onto the sleeve, matching breeches (pants), kepi and belt. The tunic is solid, with no holes or tears, however the moths did a number on the wool’s surface, with quite a few large sections showing wear under strong lighting. You can also see several holes in the white of the armband. The interior is mint, with the original RZM tag sewn onto the inside breast pocket in perfect condition...

SA Dagger by Wilh. (Wilhelm) Weltersbach

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A very nice early (1933-35) SA Dagger by the seldom seen maker, Wilhelm Weltersbach (Wilh. Weltersbach). The wooden grip is in fine condition, but does have a few noteworthy nicks in one side of the handle, a very faint small dent near the lower cross guard, and a small hairline crack at the upper cross guard (one on each side - about 1/4” in length). The cross guard vertical fit is tight, and the green tarnishing where the metal meets the wood suggests the dagger has not been cleaned or messed with in quite some time...

SA Dagger by Peter Lungstrass

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A very nice, early (1933-35) SA Dagger by a seldom encountered maker, Peter Lungstrass. This is a true beauty! Very deep cherry colored grip, with scabbard to match. The wood of the grip is extremely smooth with very few imperfections (you have to look close to find them). The metal fittings are a bit loose, but there are absolutely no signs of the pommel nut ever having been removed so the loose fit is likely due to some minor shrinkage over time, and not from being messed with. The metal of the cross guards are near perfect, with no signs of oxidation or tarnishing at all. The Inspection Stamp “Wm” (Westmark) is clearly visible on the lower cross guard (on the same side as the maker mark)...

SA Dagger with RZM Tag by M7/2 Emil Voos

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Absolutely mint, in the full sense of the word. This Emil Voos (RZM M7/2) SA Dagger looks like it just came off the shelf, or out of a very well kept time capsule at very least. Still spoting the original tan RZM tag, which shows no signs whatsoever of decay and only very modest edge wear as seen in the photos (no rips or tears).

SA Dagger by Gustav Wirth

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A nice SA Dagger by a seldom seen maker, Gustav Wirth. The metal plating is 100%, with no notable flaws whatsoever; very clean and strong fittings! The grip is in great shape, with only very minor scratches and dings, hardly worth noting. The SA roundel has some minor discoloration typically found with these, but isolated to the top 25%, and only the very edge. The remainder of the SA dagger's roundel is very crisp and one of the cleanest I've seen. The grip eagle has the very same color and shine as the cross guards, and retains about 95% of its detail...

M7/33 SA Dagger by F. W. Holler

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A truly nice SA Dagger, this late RZM dagger by F.W. Holler (a RARE maker of SA daggers) is near mint! The metal plating is 99%, with only a couple small chips to the top of the pommel nut. There is a line of extremely minor surface pitting where the top guard meets the grip (on both sides), but hardly worth mentioning...

Pumawerk SA Dagger — M7/27

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This WW2 Pumawerk SA Dagger came in a set with another identical dagger directly from the vet’s Niece. Both show very similar wear, and both are from the same period, bearing the same Pumawerk RZM M7/27 mark.

SA Dagger — Pumawerk M7/27

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This World War 2 Pumawerk SA Dagger came in a set with another identical dagger directly from the vet’s Niece. Both show very similar wear, and both are from the same period, bearing the same Pumawerk RZM M7/27 mark.

Early SA Dagger — Robert Herder Solingen

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This is a nice, honest early SA dagger by maker Robert Herder, Solingen with the nice, hard to come by maroon windmill maker mark -- almost a color match to the grip. The grip on this one has a very nice, deep burgundy tone - a very elegant color! The grip eagle retains approximately 90% of its original detail, and the SA roundel is 100%...

SA Dagger — RZM 7/33 1940 (F.W. Holler)

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Here’s a nice, late-war SA Dagger by F. W. Holler (RZM 7/33 1940), a SCARCE maker of SA Daggers. The dagger overall is in fantastic condition. The grip is a nice deep burgundy with no noteworthy dings and only a couple extremely minor scratches (almost not worth noting)...

SA Dagger — J.P. Sauer & Sohn SUHL

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A nice, early SA dagger by maker, J. P. Sauer & Sohn SUHL. A solid SA dagger, and nice example at an affordable price! The grip has a very nice tone, one typically not found with these daggers. Only minor use wear (mainly scratches and a couple very small dings) can be found on either side. The grip eagle is superb, with approximately 95% of it’s original detail and a very nice, dark brown outline color in the wood surrounding the emblem...

SA Dagger — Gustav Voss

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This is a real rare one! An early SA Dagger by maker Gustav Voss Solingen. SA Daggers by this maker are seldom seen so when they surface they don’t last long at any price. Get it while it’s available! The brown wood grip is without cracks and only normal use wear can be noted -- a real solid grip!