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This is a hard to come by Hitler Youth BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel) unit pennant comes straight from a veterans footlocker.

This pennant is double-sided, multi-piece construction using black, red and white cotton fabric. In the upper corner of the pennant (both sides) is the group number, “10” over “209”, embroidered in white woven stitching.

The Hitler Youth emblem on both sides is constructed using individual colored panels (not printed) stitched together to create the red and white pattern. At the center of the emblem is a separate white square panel stitched to the red and white background. Within the white square center panel is stitched the black swastika, using the traditional overlapping 45 degree fabric pattern at the elbows. There was a lot of care and skill that went into creating just the emblem itself!

Overall the pennant is in excellent condition, save a couple more pronounced stain, but no holes to note. The dimensions of the Hitler Youth BDM pennant are 41 inches in length by 22 inches tall.