Price: $5,200.00

We can’t get enough of these Postal Protection Daggers, also referred to as Postschutz Daggers. This is perhaps the best we’ve seen to date (anywhere) in terms of overall condition, yet priced very reasonably.

Starting with the grip, the ebony wood is completely free of cracks and chips. If you’ve studied these daggers you’ll know that these grips were prone to cracking so finding one as stable as this is rare in and of itself! There is notable verdigris where the wood of the grip meets the pommel cap and the guard, so we believe this dagger has never been disassembled, an added plus! The device on the grip is beautiful, with no notable detail loss. The pommel cap shows only extremely modest use with no distracting dings or flaws. The guard shows only the expected use wear, but no severe dings, scratches or other noteworthy issues. The enamel of both Swastikas are 100%. On the underside of the guard (beneath each “wing”) are two stamps, “DRP” and “333”, confirming this to be a Weyersberg dagger since they were the only manufacturers of the DRP Postschutz daggers.

The blade is absolutely stunning! A strong cross grain throughout and only a few notable surface age spots. We’re not sure why, but for some reason these daggers’ blades never seem to hold up, this one is certainly the exception to that rule. On the blade’s reverse we see the prominent “Paul Weyersberg & Co Solingen” maker’s mark.

The superb quality and condition of this dagger does not stop at the blade and grip! The scabbard on this one is also in exceptionally good condition. The back scabbard paint is virtually flawless, with only a couple of very small scratches where the underlying metal shows through, but they’re so small it hardly distracts from the piece as a whole. The metal fittings show average wear (normal surface scratches mainly), and a very minor ding to one side of the throat fitting. The chain is complete with all links and all original parts. The solder has come undone on one of the scabbard ring connector bands, but this is not unusual. The hook clip is marked “DRGM” and, as with many of these daggers, the tension lever has extended past the hook. This is not a detractor, and can be resolved with a careful, and skillful hand.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to own one of the nicest Postal Protection Police daggers we’ve seen in quite a while!