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//German Uniforms & Tunics

Nazi UniformThe WW2 German Uniform was perhaps one of the most well made, attractive, yet feared uniform in military history. Some have called the designers of German Uniforms from the WW2 era “theatrical geniuses” due to their precision stitching, ornate characteristics, and eye pleasing detail. Nazi Uniforms are highly collectible, yet very thoroughly critiqued by the astute collector due to the sheer number of reproductions that have flooded the WW2 collectibles market since just after the war. One has to also be conscious of alterations to authentic German uniforms, including replaced patches, insignia, shoulder boards, collar tabs, etc. With so many different German tunic styles produced during WW2, including those of the different military branches such as Luftwaffe Uniforms, German Army (Heer) Uniforms, Kriegsmarine (Navy) uniforms, SS uniforms, and many others, becoming familiar enough with all of the variations could take a collector a lifetime. Care and education should be taken when considering the purchase of a Third Reich German Uniform.

Luftwaffe Flak Tunic with 3rd Regiment Straps

Price: $1,900.00
This is a beautiful, 1936 Luftwaffe 3rd Regiment Flak tunic with early, pre-war first pattern "droop-tailed" eagle (Circa 1934-1936/1937). It doesn’t get any better than this. Unissued condition throughout. Very nice, thick wool with all buttons and correct flak straps...

Heer Artillery Hauptmann (Captain’s) Winter Greatcoat

Price: $850.00
An extremely high quality, Heer Artillerie Hauptmann (Artillery Captain) officer's double-breasted winter greatcoat, in exceptional condition with only a few very minor moth holes, almost not worth noting. Solid stitching throughout, a pristine collar with soft high quality dark green wool, and flawless sewn-in shoulder boards which include proper original pips, and no evidence of unit cyphers...

Luftwaffe Flak Tunic with 11th Regiment Straps

Price: $1,900.00
This minty Luftwaffe Flak Tuchrock tunic doesn’t get any better. Sporting Regiment 11 shoulder straps, and first pattern, "droop-tailed" eagle, (Circa 1934-1936/1937), this 4 button front closure wool tunic is in mint condition, save a couple minor moth nips and holes...

State Forestry Officer Tunic and Visor Cap

Price: $2,100.00
This is a very high quality, and immaculate example of a WWII German State Forestry (Heeresforstverwaltung) Officer’s tunic and visor cap. The tunic is in unissued condition inside and out. The visor cap is one of the best examples of a wartime visor I've seen, and is named to the officer it belonged to during the WWII period.

SS Tunic — 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division, Götz von Berlichingen

Price on Request
A very nice M42 Panzer SS Tunic here from the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division, Götz von Berlichingen. All of the sewn insignia are original to this tunic, with no signs of post-war application or repair. As I sometimes do with SS items (especially cloth) I sought a second, and even a third opinion on this one from the most respected SS cloth collectors in the industry. After an in-hand inspection all are in agreement that everything about this SS tunic is genuine and period applied, with no signs of post-war application or modification...

Luftwaffe Uniform & Veteran Lot – Adolf Wessel

Price on Request
This is a very nice Luftwaffe veteran lot of Adolf Wessel, purchased directly from Adolf’s son. The lot includes Adolf’s tunic, dagger (with deluxe hanger and portepee), visor cap, badges (Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Sports Badge, and Silver Wound Badge), approximately 40 photos, and 6 documents including his Allied Discharge Paper. Many of the photos in this lot contain candid and posed shots of Adolf in the many different uniforms and ranks he had throughout his military career. One photo in particular shows him posing with this tunic, all three badges, and this dagger...

TSD (Truppensonderdiesnst) Officer Uniform Grouping

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A rare set to find all together from the same officer. This TSD (Truppensonderdiesnst) Administration Officer uniform grouping comes straight from the daughter of the WW2 veteran who returned it to the US after the war. The set appears to have never been cleaned or otherwise messed with, and includes the tunic with Hauptmann (Captain) level TSD shoulder boards, original ribbon bar and EK2 button hole ribbon, matching cape from the same maker as the tunic, original earlier gray admin pants with green piping, TSD officer visor cap, brocade belt, and sword hanger with extension attachment.

NSDAP SA Political Uniform Tunic, Breeches & Kepi Grouping

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This NSDAP SA Uniform grouping includes the tunic jacket with armband machine sewn onto the sleeve, matching breeches (pants), kepi and belt. The tunic is solid, with no holes or tears, however the moths did a number on the wool’s surface, with quite a few large sections showing wear under strong lighting. You can also see several holes in the white of the armband. The interior is mint, with the original RZM tag sewn onto the inside breast pocket in perfect condition...

M40 Heer NCO Tunic

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This nice Heer M40 6-button tunic has a great deal of potential for someone looking to restore one of these. The original collar tabs and shoulder boards are long gone, but the base cloth is primed and ready for a new set. This is most likely a “walking out” tunic, but could possibly be a combat tunic. Difficult to say for sure.

Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Tunic and Pants

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This is one of the finest German tunics we’ve ever come across! In unissued condition, this matching Coastal Artillery tunic (also referred to as a KA tuinc) and pants set came directly from a vet collection. The tunic is manufactured by A. Wolter & Sohne, a well-known manufacturer of uniforms, but a rare manufacturer of Kriegsmarine pieces. They’re more well known for RAD and Heer uniforms. As you can clearly see in the photos, this Coastal Artillery set shows very few signs of use (considered unissued condition) and the only notable flaw is a missing button on the front of the tunic.

Heer Artillery NCO Waffenrock

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Artillery NCO Waffenrock (Parade Tunic) belonging to an Unterfeldwebel (Staff Sergeant) serving with the 8th (E.) Batterie of Artillerie Regiment 51. Originally purchased without ribbon bar, wound badge, or brocade belt. This tunic is in very nice condition, with only very minor age (almost not worth mentioning) and no noteworthy stains or mothing. The breast eagle is a very nice variant for parade tunics; the color of the backing is not very often seen.

Luftwaffe Tuchrock (School Tunic)

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This is a Luftwaffe School Tunic (Luftwaffe Tuchrock for an Obergefreiter of Flieger KriegsSchule). The breast eagle is very nicely preserved, with solid stitching and detail. The shoulder boards are firmly seated into the seams of the sleeves, and bare the markings "KS", which I can only assume stands for "KriegsSchule". Collar tabs are filled with three gulls each, all period and all original to the tunic. On the left sleeve are two very nice badges including a "Flight Technical Personnel" trade badge (lower badge), and "Obergefreiter's" rank chevron (higher badge)...

Hitler Youth (HJ) Shirt, Unissued with Tags

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This is a truly amazing piece of history! A mint condition Hitler Youth shirt that has never been unfolded. It still appears as it would have on a stock room shelf during WWII, including all of the original securing pins on the reverse so the shirt retains its folded shape. Also includes the original button attached RZM tag, and sewn on, hand written stock tag. A true gem!

German Infantry Officer Uniform Tunic & Breeches — Private Purchase

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A very nice, original and matching Heer Army Infantry Officer’s Uniform set, including private purchase tunic and breeches. There is no evidence of any pips having been removed from the boards, so this tunic would have been attributed to a Leutnant (Lieutenant) rank. There is, however, evidence of device insignia having been present on both boards, located a little more than 50% of the distance from the seam to the button...

Heer Officers Service Dress Tunic & Visor

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This beautifully preserved German WW2 tunic and visor cap set is from a Heer Infanterie Hauptmann (Captain) of the Reserve. Aside from a few minor moth holes, most notably under the armpits and out of direct sight, this set is immaculate! The matching visor cap sports a more rare bullion kokarde and wreath, but was not found with the typical officer chin cord. This may very well have been removed by the officer because he preferred the look without it.

Oberfeldwebel Reichswehr NCO Transitional Tunic

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World War II Oberfeldwebel Reichswehr Transitional Tunic for an Infantry NCO in a Machine Gunner’s unit. This WW2 tunic is a Reichswehr carry-over in moleskin, modified for Wehrmacht use with period added Werhmacht style M36 dark green collar and a very early Heer breast insignia. The unit markings are also Reichswehr period. The inside of the tunic is named to Franz Bauer...

Luftwaffe Oberfeldwebel Tunic

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This is a Luftwaffe Oberfeldwebel Tunic with some minor wear to the fabric that can be seen when photographed under a flash, but not in normal lighting. Buttons also show signs of wear. Tunic shows signs of custom tailoring as well, and is evident by the markings on the inside of the tunic. Buttons appear to have been repositioned as previous button holes have been sewn closed (by a very skilled tailor as they are barely visible).